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New weekend drama, King’s Family, started a few weeks back and I’ve been watching it for quite some time now. The thing about weekend dramas is that we can’t judge it too early because a lot of things can happen before the drama ends. I usually tend to avoid weekend dramas because they take too much of my time, and there are too many episodes, and the chances of them failing is very high.

I wasn’t intending to start on King’s Family at all, because there wasn’t any particular winning point to make me want to watch the drama. Usually I pick up weekend dramas due to two reasons – either it stars one of my favourite actors (including actresses, I just call all of them as actors), or the plot sounds intriguing enough. However, I read a review and it says that King’s Family was pretty good, so I decided to give it a try.

I’m glad I did, because the drama seems decent enough for the time being. I like the characters in it, and we have a good blend of family conflicts. Most of the characters in the drama have depths, so it’s a pretty nice start. Click read more, for more discussion on the characters and story.

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The eldest daughter in the Wang Family, Wang Su Bak and her husband Go Min Joong. Go Min Joong is a successful businessman and Wang Su Bak was living in luxury, until things take a nasty turn and they end up homeless. Go Min Joong, is the perfect husband most woman can ask for. He’s a gentleman, he treats people with respect, he’s basically a very nice person. He doesn’t even complain when Wang Su Bak spends her entire married life just spending his money away and not taking care of their kids.

Wang Su Bak grew up being pampered by her mother, and is basically what we all would call spoilt brat. She spends money like water, and doesn’t think of anything else besides herself. When her husband was declared bankrupt, she doesn’t support her husband at all and hated the fact that they turned poor overnight. Her mother continues to indulge her and keeps on venting her anger on Go Min Joong.

Honestly, Su Bak drives me nuts with her immaturity and so does her mother. I just can’t wait till drama teach her a lesson. I’m not sure how this couple would turn out, but most likely, Go Min Joong might have an affair with Oh Soon Jung, who he probably knows from before.


And we have the second daughter, Wang Ho Bak, who is married to Heo Se Dal. This couple is the direct opposite of the first couple. Wang Ho Bak is hardworking, and tries her best not to spend money. She saves whatever she earns and pick up clothes from the recycling bin to give her husband and children wear. Her husband, Heo Se Dal, doesn’t have a job and just spends his time playing with Ho Bak’s uncle, Wang Don.

I like this couple a lot because they clearly love each other, but their love is kind of mundane? It’s probably because Ho Bak works so hard and they have two kids, so their relationship is not a shout-out of “I Love You”, kind but more of a love which lacks fire? HAHAHA. K. I hope you understand. Anyway, Ho Bak grew up feeling insignificant, because her mother only dotes on Su Bak and constantly compare both of them. She never felt loved by her mother. When Su Bak was left with nothing, her mother looked for Ho Bak and treated her nicely, only to ask to borrow her money, to which Ho Bak refused and bought an apartment instead for her own family.

I feel so bad for her, because her mother treats her so poorly, when she’s really so nice. Heo Se Dal finds a job, through Ho Bak, and there he meets this rich girl, which most probably he will have an affair with. HAH. The difference between this affair and the first couple’s affair is – for this affair, I think Se Dal will finally learn to grow up and take responsibility for his family. For the first couple potential affair, there might just be a chance of the couple divorcing and husband goes with the other lady, because, the other lady is a really nice lady.


The third daughter, Wang Kwang Bak, is still single and didn’t have a boyfriend for donkey years. She quit her job as a teacher to become a writer, and meets Choi Sang Nam, who works in the construction industry. It’s also of course, the couple, all the young viewers look forward to. HAHA. Choi Sang Nam is a ‘Hyung’ to Kwang Bak’s younger brother, Wang Dae Bak. I’m not sure is Choi Sang Nam has a first love…maybe he does? I’m kind of confused a little. However, he has a deep scar with his mother, who I think ran away from home or something, which is still a mystery.

Unlike most dramas male leads, his character is more of a easy-going, but not a total cold-or total nice-guy kind of character. He’s definitely rich, and he meets girls if he’s asked too, he flirts around naturally, but he is not a playboy. Get it? Kwang Bak has a huge crush on him, and he too finds himself attracted to her, but they’re still in a stage where they are flirting around, meeting people, and etc.

So those are the three main couples.

We still have a lot of interesting characters in the story, and I’m actually very pleased with the characters in this drama. All of them are just so interesting. One particular character I wish to see a love-line form is actually, Wang Don, the uncle to these ladies. He’s jobless and has no dream, but he is not a loafer. He actually has deep thoughts and wants to get married too. He lives with his mother and brother’s family, and has to endure insults by his sister-in-law.  I just want to see him find a good girl and get married. Hahaha.


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