Alright, one of the most anticipated drama in 2013, Heirs. I shall just use the shorter drama title, because everyone should know about this drama, right?

I wasn’t really excited about this drama, and I watched it without much expectations. After watching the first two episodes, I still don’t have any expectations. Hah. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that when a drama is all hyped up, you tend to expect a lot from it. I didn’t want to expect too much, because honestly I am not fond of the casting.

There are way too many idols – and I tend to dislike dramas with idols because drama tends to be…err…bad?

Anyway, it’s still a good thing that the main leads in the drama are not idols and are actors 🙂 My impression of the drama? I thought it was okay for a start. It is actually a pretty slow start, considering all the trailers they released and the hype. The first two episodes felt like an extended trailer, and I’m expecting the third episode to be of the same pace.

There are way too many casts for my liking, but I’m fine with it. Now let’s talk about the characters, and I’ll tell you my favourite characters 🙂

Kim Tan is a lonely chaebol, who is being controlled by his step-brother and is living in America. I’m glad that they didn’t made him into an asshole, because drama tends to make rich chaebols into assholes. He’s genuinely nice, and maybe innocent too, and he fell in love so fast. Lol. As a character, I’ll pass. There’s isn’t much to talk about his character right now, and his character is not that interesting yet. To me, at least.

Cha Eun Sang is the candy in every poor-rich setup. No need for explanation. Boring character.

Choi Young Do. Hmmm. Interesting. He’s downright rude, and I totally love his character. Evil. As a character, he’s more interesting to watch compared to the other two leads.

Rachel Yoo is Kim Tan’s bitchy fiancée , who I also find interesting. It feels like she’s going to be the hate object from all of us, but I find her character fun to watch, and maybe her character would be interesting.

Yoon Chan Young, Eun Sang’s best friend. He’s like a total nice guy and probably a guy friend we all WANT. I just don’t know why he dates Lee Bo Na, who is so whinny.

Okay, there are so many other characters, who I shall not bother with right now, because there’s plenty of time down the road. Basically, right now, I only like watching Young Do, Rachel and Chan Young scenes. It gives the drama a little more edge, because seriously…rich chaebol and poor girl who is too nice and always gets into trouble? We’ve watched that a million of times. If Heirs didn’t have those three characters I loved, I probably would have not continued watching Heirs.

A good villain always makes a show more interesting and memorable. I’m not saying they’re villains though. Hahaha.





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