POV DISCUSSION: Secret (Secret Love)



Secret has been airing for 3 weeks already, and is also currently the ratings leader in wed-thu battle. I’m not sure how you guys find it, but it is currently my new addiction and I’m liking what I get from this drama.

I’ve always been a fan of Ji Sung, though not really a fan of the dramas he was in (except for Save the Last Dance for Me). I’m so happy that I can finally love another drama he is in.

I expected Secret to be overly melo and dramatic or makjang and draggy and wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise, it is actually quite nicely paced. It’s a little makjang if you think about the plot, but I’m just way too invested in the Min Hyuk-Yoo Jung loveline to bother about anything else.

Now, I’m just do a short summary about the drama if you guys have no idea what the drama is about.

Basically, Min Hyuk is a rich guy, and his family doesn’t approve of his lover, Seo Ji Hee. It so happens that Ji Hee is hiding from Min Hyuk and his family due to the disapproval. Yoo Jung and Ahn Do Hoon are a long-time couple. Yoo Jung has been working hard to support Do Hoon, and he finally becomes a prosecutor. Ahn Do Hoon finally proposes to Yoo Jung. However, after their dinner, their car (driven by Do Hoon) get’s into an accident. Do Hoon notices Ji Hee on the side road bleeding and lies to Yoo Jung that there is nothing wrong and they left the scene. Ji Hee, who was pregnant dies.

Yoo Jung takes the fall for Do Hoon and goes to prison instead. Do Hoon didn’t really forced her to take the blame, he actually wanted to confess, but he eventually didn’t. Min Hyuk is enraged to find out that Ji Hee died, and vows revenge. He asks Do Hoon to give the maximum sentence to Yoo Jung, to which Do Hoon declined. Upon doing a background check on Do Hoon, Min Hyuk finds out that Do Hoon and Yoo Jung are lovers.

Yoo Jung enters the prison, and soon later finds out that she is pregnant. She gives birth to a son and was given a chance to leave prison with her son, but Min Hyuk stopped her from escaping the 5-year sentence, by manupilating Do Hoon.

Someone from prison harmed her son, and he was sent out from prison. Upon being released, Do Hoon says that their son died, and Yoo Jung is devastated. Min Hyuk is watching all of this. When Yoo Jung slowly comes to term with it, she meets Min Hyuk again, who continues to taunt her. She finally realised that the person that died is his lover.

As Min Hyuk keeps a close watch on Yoo Jung to get revenge, he finds himself helping her a couple of times, and witnessing her in pain. Sooner or later, we can totally see him falling in love with her…or wait…maybe he already did?

There is of course, other things happening in the drama, but I don’t care about anything or anyone else in the drama. I just want to watch for the sake of this loveline. It is just that interesting 🙂

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