POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994


The much awaited ‘franchise-drama’, Answer Me 1994 has started airing….and….it was a disappointing first episode 😦

I loved Answer Me 1997 and was waiting for this drama, with so much expectation. The drama not only fails in meeting my expectations, it is so different from Answer Me 1997 and feels like an entirely different drama, only similar concept.

I’m not saying that the drama should be the same with Answer Me 1997, but it should at least be as interesting or of the same pace and fun.

The first episode was so dead boring, I feel like pulling my hairs out. The characters are okay, but the pace of the story is really not to my liking at all. If episode 2 is going to be the same, I’m so out of this drama.

Let’s talk about why Answer Me 1997 was so popular. Firstly, the casts. The pretty casts assemble was one of the main reasons why I loved that drama. Second, the story flow and pace. It was quick. Episode one flew by and it was so addictive that I wanted the next episode immediately. The started off with a reunion, and the big mystery question – A couple is announcing their marriage. After which, they quickly focused on the friendship of Shi Won and Yoon Jae – and we all know instantly that Shi Won is a crazy fangirl, and Yoon Jae has a crush on her. Basically, the pace was lightning quick.

Here, in Answer Me 1994, the pace is so slow and I don’t know who’s going to be who, or what are they going to focus on. Okay, I mean I know. They’re going to focus on how these bunch of country people get use to Seoul. However, they’re not going to make that as the one and only theme, right? If that’s all, I’m probably not sticking around for long. I need to see some friendship, and romance, which gives off the same feeling as Answer Me 1997 did. I’m not asking it to be the same, I’m just saying it should at least meet the same standard.

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3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994

    1. The first episode kind of disappoint, but I’ll keep on watching. Maybe something good will pop up along the way, or it might just get worse. Hahaha. You can wait for a few more episodes. If it does well, there would be plentiful of good reviews around 🙂

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