POV DISCUSSION: Will You Love & Give It Away


Alright, it’s about time to write up about weekend drama, Will You Love & Give It Away (also known as Give Love Away or A Little Love Never Hurts).

I was looking forward to this drama, firstly because it pairs up Lee Sang Yeob and Hong Soo Hyun. They were together in Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love, but wasn’t the OTP there. Secondly, Lee Sang Yeob is the male lead 🙂 I find Lee Sang Yeob really cute, like most other cute actors. Hahaha. It was also a chance to see him in a leading role.

I’ve watched up till episode 5 of the drama, and even though I’m not head over heels for this drama, it’s bearable. Weekend drama tends to be a little slow in picking up the pace, and they can either be good or downright boring. I’m not sure which side this drama will belong to, but it does look interesting enough for now.

One thing though….I’m just not happy that there is a 50% chance that the OTP will change as the main plot is both of their parents will decide to get married, making them step-siblings.

Now, let’s discuss the show…

Jung Jae Min (Lee Sang Yeob) does not have an official job. He does various part-time jobs, and some of it are ridiculous jobs. However, he has been dating a bank contract employee, Sung Mi Joo (Hong Soo Hyun) for a long time. Sung Mi Joo doesn’t introduce Jae Min to her friends, as her friends are all successful and Jae Min is considered unemployed.

Sung Mi Joo eventually told Jae Min that she wants out from the relationship, as she feels that their relationship will go nowhere in the far future. Jae Min, realising that he might lose her forever, takes on a full-time job and decides to proposes to her. However, Jae Min was late on both occasions (proposing day and meet the parents day), and Mi Joo finally give up on Jae Min.

First and foremost, I think that both of them are really in love. I could totally relate to Sung Mi Joo’s feelings. She loves Jae Min a lot, however, she gets more and more insecure daily and her heart starts to waver. At that age, if you’re dating an unemployed guy, who wouldn’t be insecure?

You can’t live a life just with love. She feels frustrated that her life wouldn’t change. It feels bleak to her, and she actually did made the decision to choose love, however Jae Min was late when they were supposed to meet his family, and it gave her a chance to change her mind again.

She feels as though Jae Min doesn’t think of her position enough, and his comment and his attitude  on that day pushes her button to the limit, and she finally wants to let go.

On Jae Min’s side, we know that he’s trying really hard and that he really loves Mi Joo. However, his relationship with his family isn’t great and he doesn’t want to show that side to Mi Joo, thus doesn’t really share things about his family to Mi Joo, which was one of the reasons why Mi Joo was irritated with him.

Now, off to the other two characters.

Eun Ha Rim (Seo Ji Suk) is a restaurant owner, who refused to work in his dad’s company and is currently a chef. There’s nothing much on him yet.

Eun Ha Kyung (Shin Da Eun) is Ha Rim’s sister who is working in the company instead of her brother. She’s straight-forward and speaks her mind casually, even to strangers, to which people can find it annoying at first. However, she doesn’t have the intention to hurt others, and is actually not arrogant. It is just that she is too insensitive to others’ feelings. A little…hmmm… senseless?

Jae Min’s new full time job is actually being Ha Kyung’s driver. He quits the job however after missing both important appointments because of her. Ha Kyung feels guilty and tries to apologise, but he refused the apology.

I have a feeling that our OTP would actually change, and that Ha Kyung might end up with Jae Min while Ha Rim and Mi Joo might be together. The main storyline is that Jae Min’s dad will fall in love with Mi Joo’s mom and they decide to get married. That will make them step siblings.

Since the title is like a plot giveaway, there might be more that 50% chance that our OTP will become impossible and that it will change. Bummer. Yes, I hate that part of this drama.

However, the drama might be worth the ride if it’s done well and that we could root for alternative OTPs. If not, I’m out. We need to have at least 10 more episodes to see, heh?



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