POV DISCUSSION: Mirae’s Choice Ep 4

Mirae’s Choice continues to be awesome and lots of fun.

In Episode 4, we get to see another man from the future who goes back to 2013. Hmmm….I’m wondering if it’s Kim Shin. I hope not, because the man looks…like a gangster. Hahaha. To me, at least.

Se Joo starts to ‘communicate’ with Yoo Kyung, and future Mirae tells Mirae not to let her guard down as they were originally supposed to fall in love.

While out together, Se Joo made Yoo Kyung cry, in a good way. Yoo Kyung kept on talking, while cleaning the chopsticks and placing it for Se Joo. Se Joo tells her that it’s become a habit and that she does not need to do it, at least not with him. Awww… Maybe tears was the water that made him fell for her?

Oh. And honestly, at first I thought Yoo Kyung is a *****, but looks like her character has depth, or maybe a bit of fun? She offered to pay for Se Joo’s drink, and she realised he bought super expensive stuff. Her reaction was fun to watch.

It’s really interesting how the drama makes this work, because eventhough their encounters with each other change, their fate to be lovers remains the same.

Kim Shin and Mirae are already attracted to each other. Se Joo might be a little interested in Mirae, but he might fall for Yoo Kyung soon. There was a scene in this episode where Se Joo had to shout Mirae’s name to get her attention as she was ranting to some students. Maybe it’s a hint that these two won’t match.

It’s a good thing actually because Se Joo is such a nice guy, I wouldn’t want him to be sad that Mirae ends up with another guy. It’s a waste though. Se Joo is really….the perfect guy. Lol.

I don’t really do recaps, but you can find recaps at Koalasplayground & Dramabeans.

Koalasplayground has already done a baby recap of Episode 4:

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