I found the perfect drama to finish up my weekly drama fix. Every week, we have dramas with various genres, rom-com, medical drama, youth melo, rom-melo-suspense, nostalgic rom-com, and now we have the classic “period drama” on sports and romance.

This drama…is… AWESOME.

Do Ji Han portrays Kang San really well, and I love his character so much 🙂 The other actors in the drama were pretty mediocre, mainly because they’re pretty new. We just have to bear the awkward expressions on their faces. However, Do Ji Han makes up for all the other flaws, because he’s really just awesome.

Just two episodes, and I feel like we’re getting very interesting characters already. The baddies are all the oldies, and the young people are all interesting characters. I’m already hoping for 2-3 lovelines to form and I just hope my wishes come true. Hahahaha. Though, I don’t really bet on it.

The funniest part of this drama? Jo Hee Bung plays various characters in the drama, which is really funny, in a way. His characters aren’t funny though.

Anyway, Basketball is off to a good start with me, because I’m already head over heels with it.

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