POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 3

Okay. I’m really trying hard to love this show, but I just can’t. Episode 2 was really starting to get better, and now that I’ve watched Episode 3, it feels like I’m back to the same feeling as I watched Episode 1.

The show moves at a super slow speed. The pacing of the plot developments is so slow, I feel like pulling all my hairs out while watching. Let’s get this sorted out. Isn’t this a drama supposed to be about a bunch of people getting used to Seoul and also revolving around the basketball obsession and Seo Taiji & The Kids?

Episode 3 felt like it was introducing the characters all over again. We get a little insight on Chil Bong Yi’s background, and he seems like a sweet guy. Na Jeong and Trash had a cute little moment together, bits and pieces, here and there. And…that’s it. 90% of the whole Episode was just pointless humour. Basically, in one word – REDUNDANT. It does nothing to the plot development and is just trying to make us laugh or smile, or whatever – because none of it got to me. I didn’t find it funny, and I was honestly, irritated.

I might sound a little harsh – but if this drama wasn’t a “sequel” of Answer Me 1997, I would have dropped it right away at Episode One. Nothing is worth talking about yet about this drama. The only fact that we’re all interested in this drama, is because Answer Me 1997 was really awesome.

The drama isn’t all that bad. There are good moments of Na Jeong and Trash, and I like it that she is starting to view him differently. It’s also nice to see the others bonding and getting used to Seoul. They also sometimes have very good lines and moments, like when Na Jeong’s mom told Chil Bong, that a mom is a mom. That was sweet 🙂

However, if this drama is going to make a name of it’s own, it needs a stronger plot, and a faster paced one. We all don’t have the time and patience sitting around and waiting for something good to happen.

On a side note, Trash is really a sweet character, and the scene where he got off the car to give Na Jeong his jacket was really sweet. However, did the writer or producer forget that they created his character a weird way? He wasn’t exactly a genius in Episode 1, and the sides he show of himself, wasn’t just simple absent-mindedness. However in Episode 2, “BAMB!” he’s actually a genius doctor, and then he starts to appear all charming and sweet to all of us. Hmmm….where did the absent-minded Trash in Episode 1 go to?

I’m still sticking around, because the preview for Episode 4 shows that Chil Bong is finally interacting with Na Jeong. Please drama, get your heads together, and make me love this.

Oh. And just in case you’re wondering….I’m on Chil Bong-Na Jeong’s boat. Hahahaha. I like Chil Bong 🙂 Trash is sweet, really….but can’t he just be a brother? So Na Jeong can have best of both world? Hah.

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