POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 4


I think this show is doing a ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’ game with me. Episode 4 is still moving at a slow pace, but there is less of pointless humour, and more of the emotional punches. I liked this Episode πŸ™‚ It would have been nice if this was joined with Episode 3, and Episode 3 could have cut down those scenes which does nothing to the plot. I think that 20 Episodes for this drama could actually be a stretch, and that maybe the lesser episodes they have, the better. They could actually improve the pace, and cut down the episodes, which is a win-win for me.

Anyway, we find out that Na Jeong’s husband is named, Kim Jae Joon. Not that it does anything much, but we know that Chil Bong’s real name has a ‘Joon’ in it, as his mother referred him as Joon and so did his cousin. But of course, the clue won’t do anything much, because they’ll probably tease us again that some others will also have a Joon in their name, or a Kim, or a Jae. I’m not falling for that trick. However, in the present time of the show, Chil Bong did open his suit in the house and went off to a bedroom to sleep. Still, I’m not falling for that trick and that he could have rested in the guest room, or they might be used to doing that in Na Jeong’s house.

Episode 4 was all about the emotional punches. We have Hae Tae and his mom, and also Na Jeong and family, who remembers their dead brother/son.


Let’s just talk about Hae Tae first. His mother kept calling him after watching the news about Seoul, and asking if he’s okay. Of course, the natural reaction was he got irritated. However, there was also a news on his hometown, and he got worried so he tried calling his mom to see if she’s okay. Aww. Sweet.

Next up. Moving on.


The family remembers their loss, and both Na Jeong and Mom are not their usual self. While Dad looks after Mom, Best Trash Oppa looks after Na Jeong.

And then we have some pointless scenes of Na Jeong cleaning the house, and also Hae Tae & Sam Chun Po trying to get into a club. Na Jeong recieved two calls from Trash oppa, who asked pointless questions, and we all would think that he is just being his foolish self, but…


Na Uh. He’s hogging the public phone, for reasons we all wished it would be, and probably is.


This was during breakfast time, and Trash Oppa asked Na Jeong if she wants to marry him. He’s speaking casually, but Na Jeong is clearly tensed at their skinship.


Okay. Let’s take a break and talk about Chil Bong. He’s clearly interested in Na Jeong, though not obviously yet, but he does care for her. Or maybe he’s just a super nice guy. Whatever it is, he’s sweet πŸ™‚


In the evening, Na Jeong wears a cap, and serves dinner. Chil Bong offers to help, but Na Jeong says it’s okay. Trash Oppa returns home and while talking to Chil Bong and Binggrae, he looks at Na Jeong the whole time. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



And he gets up from his seat and walks over to Na Jeong and takes off her cap.


He takes off her apron and throws it to Chil Bong and sents Na Jeong off to her room.


Unable to sleep, Na Jeong enters Trash Oppa room and mentions that she has something to say. She tells him that she likes him, and she loves him. *drumrolls*




The confession turned into a joke. Hahaha.


I liked this episode because we finally have absent-minded Trash Oppa back. I think this guy has a spilt personality or something. One moment, he’s silly and the other moment, he’s being all awesome. It would be really cute to see them end up together, but I’m really hoping that she ends up with Chil Bong. It’s just…boring if she ends up with Trash Oppa. It’s like too predictable, because 1997 has done that. I wish Chil Bong has a chance to be all awesome with Na Jeong too! Or even if she has to end up with Trash Oppa, there must be a tough competition so that we can at least join in the fun and enjoy.

Oh. And surprise, surprise, Yoon Jin finally appears again in this episode after she went MIA in episode 3.

Overall, I still hate the speed this show is moving at, but some parts of the show remains sweet and cute, while others remain boring. I’m still not in love with it, and I’m not sitting at the edge of my chair waiting for the next episode in anticipation. And like I’ve mentioned countless times, I wish show quickly picks up speed and gives us the love triangle already.

Oh. One of the scene in this episode where Trash Oppa lies on Na Jeong’s lap so naturally, that was cute. It’s no longer the same feeling for Na Jeong, and she was tensed the whole time. Trash Oppa spilled the fruit juice on her thigh and was afraid that she would be pissed, so he carefully looked at her face. However, she was distracted by the mere thought of him lying on her lap. He tries to wipe away the juice, but that’s what got Na Jeong’s attention and got him a beating.Trash Oppa ‘touching’ her thighs. LOL.

I think it’s about time that Trash Oppa gets a little conscious when Na Jeong comes into contact with him as well. It would be fun to watch, no?

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6 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 4

  1. Yea, the premise is quite similar however the characters are all different and it’s not about whether or not they are going the “obvious route”. It’s about whether the two characters have chemistry and if they understand each other. The way oppa looks at Na Jeong is both endearing and beyond words. I think he loves her more than a sister and doesn’t know it yet. Besides oppa is so much more mature and lead type then if they made Chil Bong the husband…which I dont think he will be bc their chemistry can’t be more intense then oppa’s with Na Jeong. It would take a lot of work to make Chil Bong’s awkward school boy/brother-sister type relationship more than that.

    1. Mmm Hmm. I know that Oppa and Na Jeong is not really the sister/brother relationship and both probably have feelings for each other.

      It’s just that if they really just end up together, with the pacing of the story and the way the story is going right now, it’s just…too predictable and boring.

      There needs to be sort of a climax, a conflict, a confrontation, and that’s where Chil Bong comes in. I agree that it will take a lot of work to make Chil Bong work with Na Jeong, that’s why I’m irritated at the show in a way. HAHAHA!

      I don’t really mind who she ends up with, but if pacing’s not going to change, I’d rather she choose Chil Bong. However, if the story picks up and Chil Bong is on the same level as Oppa, there’s where the fun starts, and then I can totally root for Oppa or Chil Bong, or whoever.

      Whatever it is, there needs to be at least a competition πŸ™‚

  2. I find Na Jeong’s and oppa’s relationship more like husband and wife like than siblings….besides who the hell asks someone whom he views as a lil sister if she wants to marry him? she doesn’t entirely think of her as a sister.

  3. I agree with you. It would be so predictable if she Na Jung picks Oppa. In 1997 Shi-won and Yoon jae were so close and seem destined, which they were. It’s sort of like Na Jung and Oppa’s relationship. I feel like they should have a twist and get Chil-bongie (hehe okay maybe it is my bias talking :P) I like Oppa but I think it’s weird for them to grow up as bro/sis and end up with each other.

    The parents are killing it though. I felt the mom’s pain (other dramas should take note that yelling does not equal sadness).

    One thing I don’t like about Answer Me 1994 compared to 1997 is the level of friendship or more like the girl’s friendship. I love how they portrayed the friendship of Shi-won and Yoo-jung, the boys, and Shi-won and the boys. Answer Me 1994 is lacking that heartfelt friendship for now, maybe because it is the slow pace or how everyone is from different cities? But I can’t wait for this show to pick up on the friendship, especially between the girls, :] because I feel like 1997 was so winning in that category (I still love that hair cutting reveal in the hallway). I already do love the bond between the cousins and Haitai/Samchunpo, so I know that the show does have it in them!

    1. I totally agree with you. The relationship the characters have in 1994 arent as strong as in 1997. Hopes the pace picks up!

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