POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 4


Unemployed Romance Episode 4 brings us the ‘first episode’ from Jong Dae’s perspective, and Jong Dae is sure different from what I thought he would be. He’s not self-centred, or arrogant. Unlike what I thought, he’s actually sort of a dork – in a good way. Silly, nice, but a little on the pampered side, or maybe slightly immature.

However, based on the first three episodes, the current Jong Dae is definitely not the same Jong Dae from before. He’s more refined (?) or mature in a sense.

So this episode, is actually to bring us back to see what Jong Dae is actually like, and what actually causes him to change. It’s not just him changing, because even Seung Hee from the past is not like what she is in the present. In the present, she’s still naive, but she’s definitely does not come across as someone who is as quiet, and as gentle.

Episode 4

We start off with Jong Dae and his family having dinner, in a posh restaurant, and Jong Dae whines as his mom kept thanking the waiter. His mom is clearly worried that they’re having such an expensive dinner, but Jong Dae’s dad says that he is confident that he is promoted to Director.

Jong Dae enters collage and choose a subject, which is known to have a pretty professor, but finds out soon enough that the professor isn’t exactly what he thought she would look like. His two friends quickly changed subject, and he only realised when he didn’t see them in class. As he leaves the class, he bumps into Seung Hee.


And our hero falls in love.


Sun Joo was actually the one who was interested in Jong Dae first. She heard that the professor made students pair up and practice bandaging, so she told Seung Hee that she wanted to change seats.


And so professor announces the bandage practice, and look at Jong Dae’s face! Hahahaha!


He quickly climbs over the table and seat beside Seung Hee.


So they started practising, and professor demonstrates on Jong Dae’s face that it has to be tight, so that bleeding could stop. Seung Hee worries and says that it probably hurt. Jong Dae kept smiling like an idiot before asking, “Do you like me too?”


He and his friends decide to drink in front of Seung Hee’s literature building, and his friends laugh that she probably thought he was a crazy guy. He woke up and answer his mom’s call, and find Seung Hee standing there.


Jong Dae says that they decided to drink outside the literature building because it has a nice view. Seung Hee says that her friends all complain that they don’t like it because it’s like a prison. HAHA.

Seung Hee says that she won’t have time for practice because she won’t be in Seoul and will be going out of Seoul for her parents death anniversary. Jong Dae says that they can practice there, and he can go there as well as his friend is living there.


And he really followed her there! They sat at separate seats and was awkward the whole time. Jong Dae sleeps in a sauna while passing time, and got his phone and stuff stolen. So he only has the sauna clothes on him. Hah.


I swear that face. HAHAHAHA. He’s such a fool in love.


So they started practising, and quickly grew closer as they went to eat and played games as well. I guess they just used Seung Hee’s money?


Jong Dae sends her back, and got a kiss. That face needs no explanation right? HAHAHAHA. He started running around like a crazy kid.


He returns home, and finds out that Dad was laid off. Dad tells him to take the bar exam, and Jong Dae switches course.



Jong Dae tells Seung Hee that he really likes her, and wants her to wait for him. Seung Hee does not give an answer.


But of course, she agrees by appearing at the study town, and they officially started dating.



All is sweet in love.


Jong Dae’s parents also invested and helped out in a restaurant, which supposedly was his Dad’s friends.


And we also see the same scene, where Wan Ha finds out Seung Hee is dating Jong Dae. But this time, we get to see what both of them were talking about. Jong Dae gave a rose to Seung Hee, and receives a call, from his mother, saying that cops are in the restaurant. Uh Oh.


I really liked this episode a lot. It was totally unexpected that Jong Dae is such a silly boy. His interest was genuine, and he is actually really nice. However, like I’ve mentioned, he appears as a little immature. I mean…he tried to sell the ribs for money to date.

Things take a turn for his family, and he’s probably going to face a lot of stuff ahead, which is probably the cause for the change. Maybe that’s why he was in a bad mood, or maybe insecure that Seung Hee might really leave him for good.

Oh And!!! Seems it’s obvious that Sun Joo liked him first, maybe she really didn’t relay the message to Jong Dae that Seung Hee was hurt. Out of spite. We’ll have to wait and see.

Even though, Jong Dae is not an ass…I’m still on Wan Ha’s boat because…he’s sweet. And not that silly. HAHAHA. Things may change in the next few episodes, but till then, I’ll be on Wan Ha’s boat 🙂
















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3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 4

  1. I’m so happy I found this blog 🙂 It seems like no one is watching or talking about this drama. I’m really liking this drama. It different from whats on tv right now with how they’re splitting the view points. I just wished the drama moved a little faster. I’m pretty sure Seung Hee and Jong Dae will end up together but I’m loving her interaction with Wan Ha and his on sided crush.. Until we learn more about their relationship, I to am a Wan Ha shipper.

    1. Thanks for visitng 🙂 True that it’s considered slow, but since it’s a nee concept, I’m just not thinking too much abt it. Lucky it’s only a few episodes 🙂

  2. OMG yay someone that blogs about this! This drama was sort of slow in the beginning with the little and unnecessary side plots, but I love how they introduced the lawyer hehe.

    And I’m with you, still on the lawyer side for now :] Jong Dae is really dorky cute, but is a little immature. I would be pissed too if I fell down a flight of stairs chasing after him haha. Shouldn’t he have turned around when everyone saw her falling ?? But it’s okay, we still have to know his story and so far I am loving it. Past Seung Hee is really cute too. I miss her long hair already!

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