POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 5

I really wonder if Answer Me 1994 even had a storyline or plot to start with, because I’m really getting impatient. Episode 4 was revolving around Na Jeong’s brother death anniversary, and this time Episode 5 is revolving around food poisoning and words we find hard to say. I really don’t get the point of this story at all. I don’t see a plot, or a proper flow of storyline.

It feels like they’re just randomly filling up each episode with stories totally not related to the main plot – which I suppose is the ‘Who is Na Jeong’s Husband?” You know what? I don’t really care any more because the drama doesn’t have any sub-plots which will lead to the answer. It’s just random episodes and hints here and there, which don’t get us anywhere.

There’s hardly any proper interaction between the characters. It feels like the drama is just going to continue this way, and towards the end, BAM, here’s the husband, and by that time, I’m no longer interested, because there wasn’t a story in the first place. It’s like a riddle, and they make us go through 20 episodes of torture, and by the end, it’s no longer funny or interesting any more. I feel like just dropping the drama, and maybe just watch the last episode and see who’s the husband – though I think it would either be Trash or Chil Bong.

Now, I’ve stated my main stand on the drama – let’s talk about Episode 5

Episode 5 was…boring. No developments made, just pointless interactions and a “lesson learnt message” towards the end. Basically, it’s telling us that there are words which are difficult to say, but you still have to say it out. In this case, Sham Chun Po apologized to Yoon Jin for accusing her parents’ crab to be the cause of their food poisoning. And in Trash case, he advice a dying mother to tell her kids herself that she is dying so that her kids can remember her face at least.

It’s good. Really. It’ nice and all that – but what DOES THAT GOT TO DO WITH THE STORY?

Besides, why do they even bother filming Trash’s workplace? It’s not a medical drama – and like I said. It’s not the point in the drama.

Rather than all of these scenes/sub-plots, I would really like it better if they just focused on the characters the show has. The main characters. Show us the interactions of the 7 people, at the boarding place, or if they hang out together. If they fight, or have a crush. Just show us something. Anything.

Watching the five episodes, it felt like all the characters are too individualistic (?) It’s like watching a single character on it’s own. Yoon Jin is on her own world with her obsession with Seo Tai Ji. Binggrae is too focused on skipping school. And etc. We need these characters to all interact with each other! I don’t want them to be just there, for the sake of being there!

Where’s the friendship? Where’s the bond? Where’s the growing emotions?

Wouldn’t it be nice if each episode showed us Na Jeong and Trash close relationship, and also how Na Jeong and the others interact? If each episode showed us their growing emotions, or sweet moments of Na Jeong and anyone else in the boarding house so that we can at least swoon or ship a certain couple. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone has a crush on Yoon Jin or vice-versa? There will be more things to show, and more things to like. They can do all these, and still add the “lesson-learnt message” at the end.

I need the story line to be tight, the plot to be strong for me to like it. I need the characters to be fun to watch, and relate to so that the story is worth watching.

Now that Episode 5 has disappoint me further, I guess Episode 6 will either disappoint again, or maybe make me slightly happy, since drama had been playing love me-love me not game with me. The preview looked good though, it seems like the boarding students are playing a game with punishments, and I see Chil Bong and Na Jeong 🙂

Anyway, even though I would prefer Chil Bong with Na Jeong, just so that the show can be different. I don’t mind if Trash ends up with her, because Trash is just awesome. Anyway, in Episode 3/4 (I forgot), I re-watched and noticed that Yoon Jin was the one who noticed Chil Bong was tired and asked him to go to sleep in the room. By any chance…..maybe these two are married? HAHAHAHA. K. I’m just hoping. If Trash is going to end up with Na Jeong, Chil Bong should have a happy ending too, right?!

Alright, now I’ve rant my views on the drama, it’s time to move on and hope that it gets better. Again. I’ve been hoping for like so long. With every disappointment, I just feel the urge to watch Answer Me 1997 again, just to relieve that awesome feeling I can’t find here.

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One thought on “POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 5

  1. sigh. same here. i feel like they are trying really hard to trick us with who is the husband. to me it’s not about who’s the husband, but the journey there. the journey so far is not that exciting and the connections aren’t as strong.

    i’m still going to stick with it though because I do care about some characters :]

    P.S. I went and watched the awesomeness of 1997 again! haha and still as heartwarming and lovely as ever.

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