POV DISCUSSION: Heirs Ep 7 & 8

Hmmm. Am I the only one who feels that Heirs is like a storybook, with many short stories inside?

The main problem with Heirs is that it has way too many characters and the drama is trying to make every character count. From the secretary to someone’s mother and someone’s father, someone’s tutor, and dot dot dot. It’s like there are too many characters, that the sub-plots feels disjointed. It feels like I’m watching different dramas at one go. Drama, decide if you either want high-school love-bully, or step-brothers in company successor fight, or rich vs poor, or romance…or whatever.

It feels like the writer wants everything in one drama, and it’s not really working well with me.

The characters in the drama is fine, but the story really feels disjointed. Can I separate Eun Sang and Tan, and they’ll be in their own romance drama. I’d separate Won and the tutor girl and the senior and school, and that can be another separate drama. Oh, Chan Young and Bo Na can join Eun Sang & Tan’s drama. Hmm… Rachael & Young Do in a separate drama on their own, with their parents.  Look, we can get three different dramas. Hahaha.

Alright, let’s just discuss about the drama first.

I kind of like the characters Heirs has – but I don’t like the way the show is being done.

I don’t know why so many people are hating on Won, Young Do and Rachael. I like them. A lot. I totally understand where’s Won coming from, and I don’t blame him for being so harsh on Tan. If I was in his shoes, I would probably hate Tan as well. Won probably knows that it’s not Tan’s fault, but being nice to Tan means that he would have to give up a lot of things. However, it’s obvious that he feels pretty bad about it, because he kept telling Tan to grow up. In a way, we can say he wants Tan to officially fight with him, so he would maybe stop feeling so pathetic for being such an evil brother.

As for Young Do…I think Woo Bin’s doing a great job at being evil. I like him 🙂 I know he’s really a bad-ass and I like that part about him. As for Rachael, I feel bad for her. She sure is bitchy, but I really like her. Hahaha. I find Bo Na more annoying. Can’t I just ship these two together? It feels like they would really match each other well.

Chan Young is still the best person around. Always so nice…I wonder if his character actually like Eun Sang? I know his character is not supposed to, but there’s this lingering feeling when he always look at Eun Sang. It feels like he likes her. A bit. I shall not bother about that so much. But…don’t you wonder why Young Do doesn’t bully him? Or why Young Do doesn’t say anything to him, even when he stood up for Eun Sang?

Anyway, overall…I dislike the fact that Heirs feel so disoriented, but I hope that it would get better. Let’s focus more on characters and less on company matters, okay drama?

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