POV DISCUSSION: Medical Top Team Ep 7-8

I’m actually thinking of dropping Medical Top Team. I’m actually a big fan of medical dramas, even though most of them are similar and isn’t as interesting as normal dramas. So I would usually watch it till the end. However, I don’t know about Medical Top Team.

I find this medical drama…a little bland?

First of all, I really…don’t like the character of Kwon Sang Woo, Park Tae Shin. I like it that he’s kind-hearted and would like to save patients and all that – but I find him a tad too arrogant. I hate the fact that he keeps putting down/rejecting Han Seung Jae. He’s too emotional, and focuses too much on his own gut feeling, and shows no consideration for others – which is really a put off for me. The character will work if Han Seung Jae was an ass or something – but Han Seung Jae is actually my favourite character in the drama.

He has strong principles, and like Park Tae Shin, he doesn’t agree with discriminating and differentiating patients. However, he is in a difficult position as he is stuck between his own principles, ambition, the vice-president and the chairman. He’s realistic, and I would say the kind of doctor I would want for myself. I’m not sure if he’ll change in the later episodes, but I hope he won’t because he’s the most normal character.

It’s not that I’m against Park Tae Shin’s character. It’s just that I find his character too rash for a doctor.

As for Seo Joo Young, she is constantly at odds with Jang Yong Sub, mainly because Jang Yong Sub finds her too ambitious. It’s a fact. Seo Joo Young wants to save patients, but she is greedy in a way. She wants to try more surgeries and excel in them, and in a way, it seems like she’s too ambitious and greedy.

Jang Yong Sub plays dirty in the political game – but I’m glad that he’s not a quack surgeon. It seems like he does his role well as a doctor, and I hope he doesn’t get too evil, and instead teach Seo Joo Young instead, how to be a decent doctor.

That’s that. I hope Medical Top Team picks up speed, because I’m not here to watch a political debate. Oh, and I hope they don’t play out Park Tae Shin’s traumatized childhood/abandoned child plot for too long, because….we just finished watching Good Doctor. Even though medical dramas are all about the same, it’s just so wrong to watch it again, after just watching it, less than 2 months ago.

I’ll still watch it for now, but if drama keeps on being boring, I’m out.

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