POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1997 Episode 7


I think it’s official. This drama does a love-me-love-me-not game with me. It seems like I love all the episodes which are even (2, 4, 6), and hate those which are odd (1, 3, 7). Alright, hate is too strong a word. Not hate, just…dislike? Episode 7 is not bad actually. I didn’t love it, but it was full of sweet here and there, so I thought it was okay.

There’s no development plot wise, but we get to see the emotions of the different individuals in this episode, which is full of sweet.

I don’t know who’s the husband, and I really want Chil Bong to be the one, just for a plot twist sake, but I have a feeling that drama is going to go all classic and just make Na Jeong and Trash the married couple. I don’t object it, really. It’s just that…I really wish it was Chil Bong. Trash is perfect, but Chil Bong is really adorable and awesome too. As to why I think drama’s going to make Trash the husband, I’ll talk more about that later.

Now, I’ll just discuss some of the sweet moments in Episode 7


Na Jeong is working part-time at a fast-food restaurant and she received Chil Bong’s delivery order. So, when she delivered the food, seeing the topless Chil Bong actually made her feel awkward. Chil Bong tells her that he’ll go by the restaurant later, and they can go home together. Awww.


Chil Bong’s senior went up to him and asked about Na Jeong, and made comments on her – to which of course Chil Bong felt offended. See his gaze? Instead of throwing the ball at the person who catches the ball, he aims it at the senior’s helmet and throw it hard. Lol. You win my heart, boy 🙂

vlcsnap-2013-11-08-23h56m59s103That caused him to go home with a limping leg. Hahaha. Na Jeong and Chil Bong walked home together, and Na Jeong asked if he could hit a can (on the opposite side). He asked if she would grant him a favour if he could do it, and she agrees. Chil Bong hits it in less than 5 seconds, and Na Jeong admits his skills. Hahaha. He asked her to watch him play.

Okay. As I’ve said, there’s wasn’t any plot developments this episode, just moments of sweetness here and there. As for the other kids, they went back to their home town.


Haitai and Yoo Jin happened to board the same bus, to go back to their respective hometown. At the stopover, Haitai was eating udon and being caught up by the TV news and was late in getting back to the bus. The driver chided him, and asked Yoo Jin for the key. AWWWW. She stopped the driver from driving off without him. HAHAHAHA! Haitai wanted to share an ice-cream with her afterwhich, but she gives him her usual cold reply. Haha.


Na Jeong & Trash had arranged a group meeting of their friends, and Na Jeong says to her friends that the guys are rich. However, when the guys come in, they are totally country from head-to-toe.

After the meeting, Na Jeong’s friend asked for Trash’s number and Na Jeong lies that he has a girlfriend already and made a bad comment on him, to which her friend replied, “He’s trash.” Hahaha.

vlcsnap-2013-11-08-23h59m39s161Trash receives a call from his country friend as well, and he says he wants Na Jeong’s number. Trash says that Na Jeong is too young, to which his friend rebuts that the other girls are the same age as her. Trash lies that she has a boyfriend.

Alright, side jokes.


It’s summer and the weather is driving everyone nuts – and Yoo Jin is hiding at the refrigerator.

vlcsnap-2013-11-08-23h59m50s23It’s the big day, and Chil Bong is looking around for Na Jeong before the game starts.


He looks around, and finally saw Na Jeong walking in. He takes off his cap, and put it on again, smiling at her. Na Jeong is a little taken aback.


They won the game, and like everyone else, Na Jeong tried to join the crowd and applaud for them.

vlcsnap-2013-11-09-00h01m02s224 Everyone left the field, and the crowd starts to leave. However, Chil Bong appears again and smiles at Na Jeong. He starts walking, and Na Jeong follows walking in the same direction that he’s walking.


He smiles and tells her to put her hands together. He throws the winning ball to her.


And that’s about it for Episode 7. Oh, Binggrae & Trash has a same shirt in this episode, but that’s it and they’re didn’t appear together with it in this episode, so….maybe it’s for future use?

Last but not least, because it was hot, and the parents bought an aircon, all of them slept together in the living room.



At the end of this episode, it showed us in 2013, Na jeong asking her husband to buy beer. Trash turned and looked at her. However, all of them stand up to buy beer together. She then threw her husband’s wallet and we see a guy’s hand grabbing it, and people going, ‘Nice catch.’

The fact that Trash turned, kind of convince me that drama is going to make Trash her husband. Chil Bong is just a confusion and to make the love line more interesting? I don’t know….but as much as I want Chil Bong to be her husband, I don’t think drama will go in that direction. I’ll have to wait and see.

I loved the sweet moment of Chil Bong and Na Jeong at the baseball stadium and I swear Chil Bong is just too adorable, liking Na Jeong so much and noticing her from that crowd. I’ll be so honoured if I was her. It’s a similar moment to when Trash handed his shirt to Na Jeong in the earlier episode at their football match.

Na Jeong and Trash are both bothered when their friends want to date the other. As for Na Jeong, it’s because she likes him. As for Trash, it could be because he wants to protect her since he’s her oppa, or he does have feelings for her – which of course, we all know he does, right? If not, there wouldn’t be a story already.

The preview for tomorrow’s episode looks good, as we can see Chil Bong finally getting jealous of Na Jeong and Trash’s close relationship. It’s cute that Haitai-Yoo Jin-Sam Chun Po will be in their own love triangle.

I should expect good things in episode 8 right, since it’s an even numbered episode?

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12 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1997 Episode 7

  1. Agree with everything you said about this ep and the husband.

    I also hope that CB is the husband and not Trash, in fact, anyone but Trash. Nothing is against Jung Woo (he is a very good actor and l like him a lot here). However i have brother-but-not-a-brother-turn-lover phobia ever since i watched “Autumn In My Heart.”

    I really hope that the writer can break k-drama formula with not only NJ marries someone else but also Trash turns out to be Binggrae’s gay partner. Do you think whether the writer is brave enough to have 2 gays main characters in the same series?

      1. LOL, i would love to see their reactions if Trash is gay.

        You know what, i even hope Trash will turn out a bisexual. Haha, but this will never happen.

  2. Watching From Episode 0-6. . . I do hope that Chilbong will be Na Jeong’s husband. . . I don’t know if it’s just me but watching this drama feels like Trash is like Yoon Tae Woo and ChilBong is like Yoon Yoon Jae even though Na Jeong met ChilBong later than Trash it still feels like liking her oppa were just a confusion for us viewers. Like it was only set for us to feel that Trash is the husband of Najeong:D. I have this plot in my mind where Na Jeong little by little loses her feelings for Trash and develop something for ChilBong or more likely she already has but just didn’t notice because she was blinded of her “love” for her brother (just like Shi Won with Yoon Yoon Jae where she thought that her love for him is just like a love for a friend). Then there would be some turning point in the middle of the story like Yoon Yoon Jae’s confession and Not Contacting each other up to 2005 in Reply 1997 then viola! ChilBong and Na Jeong will be the married couple. I know this is just my imagination but who knows? It may happen right? Besides they got married on 2002a and clues also points out to ChilBong at some point especially the Ep 6 scene and sleeping inside the room scene, so I will never give up on ChilBong. Damn HE’S SO PERFECT! haha

    P.S. Sorry for comparing Reply 1994 to Reply 1997. I just can’t help it. It seems like sequel in KDramas also means following some plot from the first one but oh well it’s just my opinion and I DO LOVE THESE BOTH DRAMAS! REPLYs FIGHTING!

  3. I feel like this blog is where all the Chil-bongie/NaJung shippers unite ❤ I'm still shipping them together.

    I would actually be okay if Trash oppa and Binggrae being together :p Alot of people were actually spectating this hahaha. I don't know if the show would go there but I hope they would! 😛

    I want a cross over between 1994 and 1997 like maybe the person in the red car that picked up Hoya is Trash oppa or Binggrae. And Tae Woo showing up as med school girl's husband later on. It fits, since she was already a doctor in 1997. I love crossovers ❤

  4. Not for mee i’m rooting for Na Jeong and Trash Oppa. They are just so sweet together and are really honest with each other. I think this is the kind of love that i’m always rooting for, reminding me of 9 End 2 Outs kind. I just hope they have the right timing and not missed out on each other.

  5. hi! been looking for blogs that recap secret when i stumbled upon here. i feel compelled to comment because HOORAY TEAM CHILBONG! LOL

    they’ve been setting up chilbong as the “perfect namja” (he is btw) but history says that the “less perfect namja with adorable flaws” ends up with the girl. i hope this drama sways away from that side because omg i don’t think i have been this filled with romantic feels with a character. chilbong seriously is perfect. /spazzes some more

    but wth even if its garbage i’d still feel happy. this drama seriously makes me feel good.

  6. That’s weird…this episode was my favorite so far. I guess I just realllllly enjoyed all the Chilbongie scenes.

    1. I enjoyed those scenes too 🙂 It’s just that I always feel the drama is not moving anywhere plot-wise. They’re like just throwing sweet scenes here and there but with no proper direction? Hahaha! I don’t know how to put it.

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