POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 3 & 4


Empress Ki continues to move at lightning speed, and even though drama plot doesn’t create a lot of tension (yet?), it’s still enjoyable because there’s plentiful of pretty and cute.

We all know that Sungnyang will end up marrying Emperor Yuan, and I’m still not sure whether the drama is the whole journey of how she becomes Empress Ki, or if the drama will be both the journey of how she becomes Empress Ki and after that. I think it’s probably the latter, but we never know and I shall wait and see. Looking at the pace the drama is going, it seems like we’ll get back to the opening scene pretty quickly right?


So Sungnyang reunites with her father, and is quickly separated from him. Both Goryeo King and Emperor Yuan, like Sungnyang a lot, despite her being a guy. Hah! Imagine their faces once they realised she’s a girl. Their attraction for her is really pretty cute, and I love both her scenes, either with Goryeo King or Emperor Yuan.

Now, I thought Ji Chang Wook wouldn’t suit the role of Emperor Yuan, but I’m really pleased with his performance so far. His character starts off as an immature, and rather child-like adult. However, as episodes progresses, we’ll probably see him change into a totally different guy, right? I’m so excited for that part – because really, you got to love this guy. He’s like a clueless kid, being placed in a middle of a political fight. If Ji Chang Wook continues performing well, I think I might just like him in this drama (not a fan of his previous works).

As for Ha Ji Won, she’s pretty. Hahaha. I find her acting a little awkward at times – like as though, it’s too exaggerated at times, and to look cute. Not the scenes where she is supposed to look cute, but the scenes where…it’s just supposed to be normal. Like when, Emperor Yuan (he’s still prince at this point of the drama) flipped the table of food, her reaction was a little…awkward to watch. However, besides that, she’s awesome. I just love this girl, you know 🙂

Joo Jin Mo…I don’t have much to comment on him yet. He’s good – but his character is a little bland right now. Not that I’m saying it’s bad. His character is good and awesome, and really cute that he crushes on Sungnyang, it’s just that Emperor Yuan’s character right now is where my attention is focused on.

Alright, that’s about it for now. The only thing I find lacking from Empress Ki, is the tension or anticipation you get when watching a saguek/historical drama. It’s not a bad thing, but not necessarily a good thing either. We need a little bit of tension, so that we can sit at the edge of the chairs and curse that there is still a week to go before the next episode 🙂

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