POV DISCUSSION: Heirs, the characters.

You know what’s making me watch Heirs? The casts. That’s it. When I say the casts, I literally mean the real casts – the real humans, not the characters in the drama.

I can’t find myself in love with this drama, because honestly, I don’t like it. However, it’s filled with people who I adore, like Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Ji Won, etc. How can I not watch it? I swear if none of these actors are in the drama, and it’s filled with actors who I don’t know or dislike, I will never watch this drama.

The conflicts in the story is ridiculous, the characters are inconsistent, and the characters of the ‘villains’ in the drama is much more interesting compared to the main leads.

Kim Tan is such a lovelorn dude, who…I don’t know, either he’s too lazy or he has no determination at all. He loves his brother and wants to get along, I get it – but that’s it. All I see is him moping around because he can’t do anything about his family. He feels bad for his mom, who can’t act like his mom. He feels bad for his brother. However, he does nothing. How about you tell rich daddy that you want to cut off ties? Tell Mom to live on her own? Completely tell Daddy he will never take over the company? Whatever it is – do something about it. He loves Eun Sang, and all he does all day is just thinking of dating her. He fights with Young Do, because of Eun Sang, and whatever he does always revolves around Eun Sang. Dude, sometimes, fixing your personal life first is more important than just gaining a girl’s heart.

Eun Sang is…realistic, who is brave at some point of time, and scared at other times. I don’t understand why she can be so daring in front of Young Do at times, and so afraid of him at other times. Girl, make up your mind. It’s either you are scared of him, or not. Her character is just as boring as Kim Tan. All day she just thinks of avoiding Young Do, and isolating herself from the other rich kids, and her social status difference with Kim Tan.

Choi Young Do, Rachael and Kim Won are the characters whom I find interesting. They’re not exactly nice people, but they have a heart. They have deep thoughts – and does the opposite, which makes their characters much more interesting to watch. Kim Won has every right to hate on Kim Tan, even though it is not Tan’s fault. Kim Won probably knows that it is not Tan’s fault, but he cannot let his guard down because if he does, he could lose everything. Choi Young Do is in a similar stand as Kim Won. He hates the fact that his father cheats his mother with other girls – and Kim Tan is an illegitimate son. Basically, he hates woman who fools around with married man/vice versa, as they break up a family, so he is shocked that Kim Tan is not a ‘legal’ son. As for Rachael, I know she’s bitchy and all that – but she looks like she can be sweet with someone who she likes. She’s lonely, and she puts on a strong front so that no one can mess around with her.

There are many other characters, but I shall stop here for now. Anyway, Episode 9 & 10 is boring to me…and I actually just find every episode boring. I watch it, just for the sake of the 3 characters I like. K, make that 4, as I like Chan Young as well.

In Episode 10, the paintball scene ‘drama-comedy’ was totally not needed. I get it, that they’re trying to be funny…but drama, it doesn’t work that way. That’s just…I don’t know. And can the drama stop making Eun Sang look like she’s a lamb or something to be pulled by either Kim Tan or Young Do? It’s just…bleh. Too overused, too bland. They use it like every episode and it’s getting old.

Drama, how about making a loveline for Rachael? I feel so bad for her. Kim Tan doesn’t exactly treat her right. Even though she is bitchy, she was once a friend. He treats her so coldly, and doesn’t spare a thought for her or her ‘face’, so she has every right to be bitchy.

Let’s just hope the drama quickly airs all the episodes, so we can quickly be done with it.

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3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Heirs, the characters.

  1. seems like a lot of people are watching Heirs for all the wrong reasons. i’m guilty on that one too (kim woobin~~ ^^). i download this religiously for my sister and cousin’s sake. wasn’t optimistic on the show in the first place but it got me kinda interested when the characters came back to korea. that interest died immediately because damn this show has weird characters and an unrelatable plot.

    lead girl is always dragged by the hand, cries at every episode, etc. lead guys are bullies (were halfway done with the show and you barely see a change in them) the ajummas are this show’s saving grace.

    i edged my sister to start reply 1994 and she’s hooked. she marathoned Reply before seeing The Heirs ep 9 and 10 and lmao she skipped a lot of scenes from those episodes. she’s already tired of the cringeworthy “Love is the moment~~~” scenes.

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