POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 6

Alright people~ I won’t be doing a recap for Unemployed Romance Episode 6, because there’s really nothing much to say. Episode 6 was not exactly boring, okay maybe it was, it was filled with plenty of repeated scenes. I really don’t know why the drama does not show how does Jong Dae feels in the present. The only Jong Dae we see, is the Jong Dae in the past. Or, towards the last part of the episode, Jong Dae applying for the job – is the Jong Dae in the present.

The thing is – even THAT Jong Dae seems too wimpy for a guy, and I’m not liking it one bit. It’s cute that he loves her a lot, but it’s really not cool of him to be so suspicious of her (probably his ego, since she’s doing better than him?), and he doesn’t think of her position. He even asked his Mom if she had savings, just so he could study aboard! On a side note, like we all probably know, Sun Joo didn’t tell Jong Dae about Seung Hee.

Anyway, Drama needs to do a lot more, or else I would just stay in Wan Ha’s ship 🙂

That being put aside, drama really needs to pick up speed. I appreciate the different formatting – but it would have been much more effective if the script was slightly better so that we would have more story compared to just repeated scenes and meaningless jokes.

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2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 6

  1. I’m okay with no recap for this episode cause it really was boring. I don’t think those three episodes focusing on Jong Dae did him any good. In fact it totally did the opposite for me. I don’t like him at all. He seems like a total loser. For 10 years all he did was study and take tests while his parents worked. Really? I’m hoping this show can redeem itself with the last 4 episodes. (not holding my breath for that)

    Okay..so there were a couple of things I was really annoyed about. First when Sueng Hee as chasing after Jong Dae in the mall after the confrontation with the producer, did he not hear her calling him? and when she fell down the escalator did he not hear not hear that either? Really? Secondly even though Seung Hee’s phone broke, couldn’t she have called him from the hospital phone or even Sun Joo’s phone? or maybe she did and they just didn’t show if since it was from Jong Dae’s perspective. Either way that really bothered me. (I blame that all on bad writing)

    I want more Wan Ha. I was hoping he would show up in this episode, but no such luck. Now I’m totally confused as to when they became friends with him. Well I’m totally on his ship. I want him to get the girl. Doesn’t matter how much they redeem Jong Dae I’m team Wan Ha ALL THE WAY!!! (sorry for the long post)

    1. I don’t mind long posts 🙂 we can always share our thoughts! Yup, I’m on Team Wan Ha too.

      I don’t get it either why Seung Hee couldn’t call him, or why Jong Dae stopped going to her apartment to check if she’s there. And yes, I don’t know how Wan Ha and the rest are friends. Hahaha.

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