POV DISCUSSION: Woman Who Married Thrice (Review)


Alright 🙂 Finally managed to squeeze in Woman Who Married Thrice into my schedule. Sometimes I wonder, how I manage to watch so many dramas at one go, even with my busy work schedule.

I’m pleased to say that I’m liking this show – from the first two episodes. The plot sounds a little confusing, but the characters are a lot of fun. Let’s spilt this into two team. Team Lee Ji Ah and Team Uhm Ji Won. Uhm Ji Won is not exactly a supporting role, because she is one of the female leads as well.

Team Lee Ji Ah consist of Oh Eun Soo (Lee Jin Ah), Kim Joon Goo (Ha Suk Jin) and Jung Tae Won (Song Chang Ui). Eun Soo divorced Tae Won, and left her child with her parents when she remarried – with Kim Joon Goo. Her relationship with her child gets worse over the years as she didn’t keep her promise of visiting often or calling occasionally. Tae Won’s mother is trying to fix him up with Chae Rin, but Tae Won doesn’t seem too keen on the idea. Kim Joon Goo and Oh Eun Soo are sweet and happy together – but Kim Joon Goo and actress Da Mi has a weird relationship.

Team Uhm Ji Won consist of Oh Hyun Soo (Uhm Ji Won), Ah Kwang Mo (Jo Han Sun) and Park Joo Ha (Seo Yeong Hee). Oh Hyun Soo is close friends with Kwang Mo and Joo Ha. She’s probably closer with Kwang Mo. Kwang Mo and Joo Ha is supposed to get married, but he runs away on the wedding day.

Right now, I prefer Team Uhm Ji Won, because it’s more interesting. Really. HAHAHA. Oh Hyun Soo is such an interesting character and I can’t wait till she and Kwang Mo get together. It’s so cute to see them together! Joo Ha is not such a bad character as well. She’s just as weird and nice. The problem for Hyun Soo is probably dating the man, her friend was supposed to marry and is still in love with.

Because of the title, I am wondering if Eun Soo and Joon Goo will get a divorce. I mean you have to be divorced twice, if you’re going to marry the third time right? Joon Goo and Da Mi probably was dating before he got married – and maybe had a little something after. However, it looks like he’s not too fond of Da Mi and he likes Eun Soo. Tae Won is probably still having feelings for Eun Soo, because he’s not really keen on dating. I wonder why he doesn’t want his daughter to live with him though. Is it just because it was what he promised Eun Soo, or is it something more personal – like he don’t dare take responsibility or something like that?

Oh well, that is for us to wait and find out – but for now, I think I’m sticking with this show 🙂


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