POV DISCUSSION: Woman Who Married Thrice Episode 3 & 4


Alright. I’m not yet 100% in love with this show yet – but I am 100% in love with Hyun Soo-Kwang Mo-Joo Ha relationship. It’s so adorable to see the rough/crude Hyun Soo who is so harsh with whatever she says – but the things she says is always right! Not to mention that it’s so obvious that she likes Kwang Mo. Kwang Mo is the idiot who doesn’t know a thing and is so foolish. Hahaha! But at least we know he loves her presence. It’s great that Joo Ha is not an evil 2nd female contender, because she’s great in her own ways. Who can we blame what the stupid one is Kwang Mo? Hahahaha!

I also love the fact that Hyun Soo’s relationship with Eun Soo is not that good. Hyun Soo blames Eun Soo for Seul Gi’s behaviour, and I believe she says all the right things.

It’s a fact that Eun Soo left Seul Gi to get married. She might insist that she doesn’t have a choice – but there is no such thing as no choice. There is always a decision – it’s a matter on whether you want to take it or not. She could have chosen to have lived as a single divorced mother, but she choose to live a life as a woman – thus in that process, didn’t take responsibilities as a mother.

She broke her promises, and shifts her responsibilities to her family – expecting them to do what is right. That is just so wrong and irresponsible. Looking at Hyun Soo’s point-of-view, it’s totally understandable on why she is so frustrated. Just because they’re family, doesn’t mean she should take care of the problems Eun Soo created. She have no reason to.

In my opinion, Eun Soo needs to understand that Seul Gi’s behaviour is a result of her own actions, and not to shift the blame to anyone else. If she had kept her promises, Seul Gi would not be so disappointed with her. It’s so sad to see Seul Gi crying about wanting to go to her father – because she takes offend that people calls her an orphan. It’s not her fault.

On a side note, Chae Rin doesn’t seem like a simple person at all – and is definitely not as nice as she looked. I do hope she gets married or whatever and fights with Tae Won’s mother. Doesn’t this feel a little like Hundred Year Inheritance already? Hahaha!

That’s about it for now. Some pictures for fun.

vlcsnap-2013-11-23-11h50m24s34Eun Soo & Tae Wonvlcsnap-2013-11-23-11h51m42s48vlcsnap-2013-11-23-11h51m53s155vlcsnap-2013-11-23-11h51m56s192

I don’t know if writer Kim Soo Hyun made a right decision in picking Lee Ji Ah over the 3 other ladies she was considering – but honestly, as much as I think Lee Ji Ah is a decent actress, I don’t feel the chemistry of her and her on-screen men, like Ha Suk Jin or Song Chang Ui. While watching the show, a part of me wanted to swap Lee Ji Ah for some other actress – but I don’t know who. Hahaha. Oh well.

I shall just sit back and enjoy watching Eom Ji Won for now 🙂

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