POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 1


TvN Let’s Eat aired it’s first episode yesterday, and I love it already! Let’s Eat is a drama airing every Thursday, about singles who are living alone and find it difficult to eat because most restaurants serve at least 2 people. Have you watched Flower Boy Next Door? It’s slightly a similar setting because Lee Soo Kyung, Doojoon and Yoon So Hee are neighbours who are all living on their own. They haven’t showed Shim Hyung Tak’s living quarters so I don’t know if he’s going to be a neighbour or not. However, the plot itself is different of course.

Lee Soo Kyung is a divorcee, who has a love for food. She’s not sociable, and may come across as unfriendly. However, when in front of food, her personality changes. Hah. Koo Dae Young (Doojoon) is a mysterious guy who lives next door and is constantly picking up his phone, saying, “Noona”. Yoon Jin Yi (Yoon So Hee) moved in the apartment next to Soo Kyung and is a happy go lucky girl, even though her family went bankrupt. Kim Hak Moon is a lawyer who works in the firm that Soo Kyung works at.

The first episode was nice. Just like what I expected, it was funny. Not that it’s hilarious to the point I want to pull my hair out, but it was really nice for a first episode. It’s also amazing how they make coffee, jajangmyeon, and a seafood dish look really good. One thing’s for sure. This drama will make me hungry.


I’m not going to do a full recap. Just a short one, followed by a discussion.


The drama starts off with Lee Soo Kyung who is on a blind date. She comes out strong, and says that she is a divorcee and has no intention of marrying again. She’s just there and hope they can just stay as friends. The guy asks if they should catch a movie, and Soo Kyung agrees, only to say she’s watched all the movies he suggested. Hah. She suggest something else instead.

They find themselves queuing at a restaurant, waiting to eat a seafood dish (which looks so yummy!). The guy says that he doesn’t understand these kind of people. He finds out that it’s seafood and comments that he’s allergic. Soo Kyung asks if his allergy is bad and guy asks if she is saying that he should just eat if it’s not bad. HAHA! He leaves Soo Kyung alone.

Soo Kyung sits awkwardly alone, and wanted to order the seafood dish but it’s more than 1 serving and it’s not available for take-out. She left without eating.

She returns home and finds out that the girl living next door is dead.

Dae Young is living also next door, and his unit is in a mess. He stands up and dance a little bit of BEAST’s song (it was playing in the bgm) and leaves the flat. Soo Kyung bumps into him outside and hears him on the phone. As he walked away, she comments that his fashion sense is in a mess.

Yoon Jin Hee is looking at the unit beside Soo Kyung, and she understands that the person before died in the flat. She brushes off that she doesn’t care and it’s better if the ghost come. Heol.

So now all three of them are neighbours.

Dae Young and Jin Hee quickly warms up to each other, and Dae Young orders jajangmyeon. When Jin Hee comments that all jajangmyeon is the same, Dae Young defends the jajangmyeon and started spouting out all the things which makes this jajangmyeon simple awesome. And outside that unit, is Soo Kyung who looks on and tells herself that she must order that jajangmyeon.


– Short Recap done –

Okay, I won’t recap the rest of the drama. Basically, the rest of the drama is just interactions of the characters. It’s fun, but it’s not really fun to write about.


First of all, I love the drama for being light and funny in a way. It gives out exactly the same vibe as FBND (vibe, not story), and I like that fact. Episode 1 didn’t really have much plot to it, it was more of an episode to introduce to us the characters. Each of the character is unique in their own ways and this episode was focused on showing that side of them and how they interact with each other.

The next episode will be similar to the first episode I guess, because they have yet to show Hak Moon and Soo Kyung interacting much.

Even though I love the light atmosphere this drama gives, I hope down the road, we have more heart-warming moments because even though the characters look happy living alone, there are still issues which are not spoken about. If this show does everything with a good balance, it might just be one of the good dramas this year 🙂 Shall not hope for too much right now because it’s just the first episode, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed!



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