POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 12


Is it game over for Chilbong 😦 ? This episode was a little slow, but I loved the last 20 minutes of it 🙂 Basically, the episode’s theme is miracles and why people choose to believe in it.

A lot of things happened in the episode, and a Trash in love is a super adorable Trash. Hah. Where did Trash hide that part of him for the past 11 episodes?

There wasn’t much developments to Chilbong-Na Jeong relationship, and this episode focused more on Trash. That’s a good thing because I feel like we didn’t get enough of Trash as his own individual for the past 11 episodes.

I won’t do a full recap. I’ll just write up about my thoughts about some parts of the episode.


In this episode, there were two hospital patients. One of which is Dad’s friend who has a brain tumour and the other is a female lady. The lady was going to be discharged the next day and Dad’s friend was diagnosed that he will not live long.  Episode 12’s theme was miracles and things which you won’t expect. Dad’s friend on the outside is really energetic, but believes that he will be okay. Despite what the doctors say, he says he won’t die yet. However, when Dad returns from his game with rice cakes, he has already passed away. As for the lady, her husband went to buy food for his wife and kid and died when the building collapsed.

My favourite moment of this episode was when news of the building collapsed. Na Jeong was supposed to meet Chilbong there, and she was late for the appointment. As she sat in the bus, she saw the news and started to panic. She went down the bus and started running down the street crying and panicking. At the same time, Sam Cheong Po, Yoojin & Haitai are all worried sick because they know Na Jeong and Chilbong are meeting there.


Even though I know Chilbong won’t die, but I cried along with her. Hah.


Awwwwwwwwwwww 🙂

Anyway, right now, there is a HUGE CHANCE that Na Jeong’s husband is Trash. Trash told his brother about his feelings in this episode, and he’s like totally funny when he talks about how he loves Na Jeong. How evil can the writers be to make us choose between two perfect men?


There was something which bugged me though. At Trash’s brother wedding, the parents seemed totally fine even if Na Jeong and Trash decides to date…so I wonder why Trash made it into such a big deal before? It’s even more weird that he’s so energetic about confessing his love to Na Jeong, when just in the previous episode, he was still hesitating. I mean, even though the baseball game of Trash and Chilbong was the declaration that they will compete for her heart, it still feels weird that he changed his thoughts completely and that quickly. Oh well. Still, it was really funny to see Trash acting all silly when talking about his feelings for Na Jeong.

I don’t know what was the purpose of Trash’s first love appearing. Maybe it was just because they were talking about Haitai’s first love and how a man’s first love is always important to them. I mean, unless she’s going to end up with Trash later on, I don’t see a reason why she should appear. It’s like…unnecessary? Anyway, I feel like Haitai’s a little wasted in the drama, and writers should write something good for him too! On a side note, Haitai’s look when he looks at Na Jeong at the wedding dinner was a little weird. Buddy, you have a secret crush maybe? Too bad you got friend-zoned.

As for which side am I on? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…..I’m a Chilbong shipper, but Trash is so awesome as well, so right now I don’t mind who she ends up with, and I’m already preparing my heart because I feel like Trash will be the husband.


But we never know right? Maybe the writers will write that Na Jeong realised that her feelings was just sibling love, and might be slightly confused and she’ll realised that Chilbong is the one 🙂 ? Okay. That’s my wish. Christmas wish. Santa, make it happen. Hahaha!

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3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 12

  1. “At Trash’s brother wedding, the parents seemed totally fine even if Na Jeong and Trash decides to date…so I wonder why Trash made it into such a big deal before?”

    THIS SFM! so he was worrying all this time for something that isnt worth worrying about. but oh well… won’t complain anymore because trash oppa acting all oh so giddy while talking about najeong was so adorable!

  2. “At Trash’s brother wedding, the parents seemed totally fine even if Na Jeong and Trash decides to date…so I wonder why Trash made it into such a big deal before?”

    LOL you think it is that simple? can you imagine what it would be like for them & the family if they were to break up? esp when they both love each other very much.

  3. Yeah, I always thought it was less about the dating, and more about how uncomfortable and awkward it would be for 2 entire families if they broke up.

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