POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 9 & 10


A part of me love Empress Ki, but another part of me is wary of how the drama will turn out. Basically, history wise, Empress Ki gives birth to a son and tries to pass the throne to the son, which Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook) finds out and distance himself from her. However, from what I understand that this drama is saying that the son is actually Wang Yoo’s son.

As I read up the history, there are quite a lot of rebellions or rather politics waiting for us – and of course like every other saguek out there, it’s not possible not to have them. I don’t mind all of these, but there is a certain thing which is bugging me. I love Ji Chang Wook. I shall just refer to his character using his real name, because using Ta Hwan or Emperor Huizang is weird. So to be consistent, I shall just use their real names (Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo).

I understand that in the drama Ha Ji Won is in love with Joo Jin Mo. However, as episodes progresses, I want Ha Ji Won to be with Ji Chang Wook instead. I mean – she will be married to him, but I want her to really love him. There are quite a few reasons why.

Firstly, Joo Jin Mo does not have a lot of screen time with Ha Ji Won. In the beginning, they did, and it was cute. However, it was too short and didn’t convince me enough that they fell deep into love. Instead, Ha Ji Won’s character and Ji Chang Wook spent a lot of time together.

Ha Ji Won blames Ji Chang Wook for her father’s death as well as their current situation but we can’t blame Ji Chang Wook, because he’s doing so to save his life and to take revenge for his father. Ji Chang Wook is a very interesting character, and I think that’s why I am so attracted to him. Unlike Joo Jin Mo’s character which started off as upright, Ji Chang Wook’s character started off as a weak and childish guy who just doesn’t want to die. He goes through hurdles and finally manage to become a puppet emperor. There’s a lot of changes awaiting his character, and I like it that he’s sincerely in love with Ha Ji Won.

Honestly, a part of me just want to push all the politics and fighting into a whole another dimension and just watch Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook falling for each other. Hah. Fat hope. I know. I don’t know how the drama will turn out, but I’m so excited every time Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won comes on screen. I shall just enjoy it for now 🙂 Who knows? Maybe the writer might decide to make Ha Ji Won fall for Ji Chang Wook?

Anyway, for these two episodes was plentiful of cute between Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook. Baek Jin Hee is so delusional at times, and that’s funny. Joo Jin Mo is busy fighting, and that female general *claps*. Maybe they’ll become friends or something? I don’t know, but it’s cool to have a female general, right? And a smart one.

I can’t wait for the next episode because clearly Ji Chang Wook already knows that Ha Ji Won is Seung Nyang. I mean, he should know right since he called her name and hide behind the clothes? I’m 99% sure he knows and next week will be lots of fun 🙂

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4 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 9 & 10

  1. I really love your review. Great minds think alike…haha. Ji Chang Wook is such a great actor…and major eyecandy. I love Ha Ji Won though, i cant wait for her beauty to show ♥. BUT one question, i didnt get to watch ep 10 with eng sub cus i cant seem to find it ANYWHERE. can u tell me where u watched it at? THANKS!!

  2. Love this drama.i want nyang to love togon and bear his son in the end.he deserves that,right? And i do agree that it was a serious show of their stupidity to make nyang give birth the same time as lady pak when in actual fact,lady pak was pregnant for countless episodes before the goryeo king even saw nyang again.that was very lame and stupid. I need to ask a question cause i feel it’s important.when is yom going to die?cause as long as yom the plague still lives,a small part of me will hate empress ki.the guy is responsible for 20% of the tragedy in the movie even though ELtemur is still the master villian.i so so hate yom the plague. Please make sure theirs a happy ending.my heart can only take so much.korean movies give me heart pains very often due to their tragic endings so please make this drama an exception and buddha will bless you with overwhelming high ratings.and by a happy ending,i mean nyang should live with togon happily.THANK YOU.

    1. Hahahaha! Oh my! I don’t even know if I should spoil this, but don’t keep your hopes up! Yom is still alive, and if eventhough Empress Ki is fictional, it is still a lot bit loosely based on the real Empress Ki, so happy endings….I don’t know either.

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