POV DISCUSSION: Heirs Episode 15 & 16


Every time I watch an episode of Heirs, I feel like dropping the show each time Kim Tan and Eun Sang comes on screen. Sorry to those fans, but I really can’t stand their scenes together. To add on to that, I hate Tan’s complicated family matters. The drama is already filled with so many characters, and like it’s not overwhelming enough, there are so many issues everywhere.

Personally, I find the character Kim Tan and Eun Sang completely boring. It’s like the exact same characters taken from every typical Candy-themed drama. The rich guy who gives up everything for the one poor girl who is always honest and getting bullied right and left. OMG. Why can’t they modify the characters a little?! The character Kim Tan is slightly, just slightly more watchable when he’s with Young Do, or Rachael or Won or anyone else besides Eun Sang. However, Eun Sang as a character is just too dull for my liking.

Why I still watch the drama? Because the other characters inside shine a lot. I love Choi Young Do, Rachael, Chan Young, Bo Na, Won & Hyo Shin. Chan Young and Bo Na are the cute and sweet characters, and the rest of them are the interesting ones. I don’t care what happen to Tan or Eun Sang or who gets the company, but I wish that all these characters I love have a happy ending! Oh, and Eun Sang’s mother and Tan’s mother is funny together!

Anyway, Tan and Eun Sang is finally pulled apart and Tan is finally competing with Won. Look drama, if you’re going to get here anyway, you should have started the drama with Eun Sang accepting Tan earlier. She spent like forever rejecting him, only to confess that she likes him and accept him when things are going to get nasty. It’s like I spent almost half or 3/4 of the show seeing Eun Sang rejecting Tan, and after just 2-3 episodes of her with Tan, now we’re going to see them do the break-up melo again.

And Tan decides to fight with his brother, just because his brother comments that he should leave and don’t come back? I think Won has said a lot of harsh things before, and he took it all okay, so….not consistent? Won’s harsh words doesn’t feel so harsh to me because he does that all the time, so I don’t understand why Tan has a 180 degree change in his stand. It’s just too weak a reason for him to compete with his brother.

Oh. I don’t get it why Rachael and Hyo Shin kissed at the party. I mean – I’m okay with them kissing, but it just doesn’t make sense to me why Rachael thinks kissing Hyo Shin will make Hyo Shin and Tan awkward around each other, or lose each other as friends. Do you? Tan doesn’t like Rachael so he won’t get jealous and why would they be awkward??? As for Hyo Shin’s decision to kiss Rachael to make Hyun Joo jealous was also weird. I know he likes her, and he probably wanted to make her jealous…but isn’t the setting a bit weird?

Now that I’ve talked about the things which bothered me, let’s talk about what I loved. Choi Young Do is too adorable. Heh. I feel so sad for him 😦 Next, I liked it how Rachael and Hyo Shin are awkward after the kiss. Maybe writer might make them a couple or something. As stupid as it sounds, I want all those wonderful characters to be happy, one way or another.

It’s also nice to see Won and Tan negotiating on the vote and Eun Sang. It’s not about their relationship, but rather I like Won’s reaction. Both Won and Tan are in love with girls who don’t match their family standards, but Won choose company over girl and Tan is risking everything for girl. It doesn’t mean Won love Hyun Joo any less, but Won doesn’t have the courage Tan has, and I like it that Won knows that Tan is brave in doing something he don’t dare to. I hope Won gains courage watching Tan and fights Dad to make Hyun Joo his.

Lastly, even though 90% of me hate the drama, I have a fondness of some characters and I’m sticking with this to see them happy. Drama better make them happy or I’ll start flipping tables. Hahaha.

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