POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 13


I went OMO! OMO! in this episode and my heart broke to pieces because Trash finally, and officially shows Na Jeong he loves her by landing a kiss. A long one. That means Chilbong shippers are all heartbroken 😦 I am for sure. However, the game ain’t over yet and we never know if Na Jeong will still choose Trash in the end.

Actually, with Trash and Na Jeong officially getting together in this episode, it also means that there might be a chance for them to break up and for her to choose Chilbong. Maybe after dating for some time, they realised that they don’t love each other in that sense, and was just confused because they are young…and Na Jeong loves Chilbong instead…HAHAHA! Okay, maybe it’s just me being delusional, but since this drama is sort of a guessing game. If Trash was the husband, they wouldn’t be that stupid to make them a couple now right and let the rest of the episodes breaking Chilbong’s heart…right? So with this episode, my thoughts are turned upside down again, and I think there is a chance that Chilbong will be the husband!

I’m not going to do a full recap, just a brief one to cover the important points.

(if you want a full recap with screencaps, dramabeans already posted it up 🙂 http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/12/answer-me-1994-episode-13/ )


Episode 13 starts off with the wedding, which I thought was unnecessary. The main point of the wedding scene was to show that their special guest is Kim Min Jong, who sang the congratulatory song, and half of the story in Episode 13 is to tell use how Dad gets to know Kim Min Jong to invite him to the wedding.

Now, back to story.

Yoojin, Sam Cheon Po, Haitai are together with Gi Tae and his other friends in a karaoke.  They boys kept singing Kim Min Jong songs, and the girls are pissed. Yoojin changes the song to an enlistment song. Turns out that Gi Tae is going to enlist, and he gets depressed at the thought.

Na Jeong lost her club membership money that she was supposed to book a reservation with and starts to panic. Yoojin tells her to borrow from Mom first, but Na Jeong refuses as Mom will ask endless questions. Yoojin tells Na Jeong to borrow from Trash instead.


Trash and Na Jeong starts to chat randomly and do their normal bickering. Trash tells Na Jeong to sit properly and do some exercise or else her back will suffer again. vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h44m09s226vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h44m29s169He asks if she can do a horse stance and she says that everyone else can’t do it. Trash says that it’s her who can’t, everyone else can do it. He asks Yoojin to do it and she can. Hah.

Trash is about to leave, but he loiters around as if he’s waiting for someone. Na Jeong goes out calling him, saying that she has something to say. Trash says he has something to say as well. Na Jeong asks Trash to borrow her the money, and he agrees if she does the horse stance. Trash tells her to come to the hospital the next day as he has something to say. Na Jeong asked him to say it there, but he refuses and tell her to come. She talks about going out later to help Chilbong on his assignment and Trash is uneasy.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h44m53s148vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h44m55s172vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h45m00s221Na Jeong stretches out her arms for a hug, but Trash’s expression is clearly brothered, and Na Jeong wonders if he is sick of hugging her.

Chilbong is at baseball practice, and it’s time for everyone to clean up. Chilbong asked the coach to let him leave early and two of his other team-mates are unhappy.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h45m22s189vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h45m40s107Na Jeong tries to explain to Chilbong, but he doesn’t get it. She says that one of the professors always set the same question every year, “Who is your mentor?” and Chilbong asked Na Jeong what is a Mentor. Heol. He starts naming all the people he admire, and Na Jeong tells him to choose only one. Na Jeong needs to leave and Chilbong asks her out for a meal. Na Jeong rejects him and leaves. Poor Chilbong 😦

Trash visits Binggrae at the hospital ward (Binggrae had a surgery). He checks on Binggrae and wants to see the surgical area. Binggrae refuses at first, but Trash still looked at it. Binggrae smiles and Trash tells him to stop smiling like that or he would fall for him. He leaves, and Binggrae covers his face with his blanket. (LOL!)

Na Jeong is worried about what Trash has got to say and tries hard to do the horse stance. Yoojin tells her to lie to Trash that she can’t make it.

Na Jeong is still worried and decides to sleep early.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h47m11s248vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h47m33s212vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h47m45s80Chilbong enters and asked if she’s not going to watch TV. Na Jeong says she doesn’t want to and tells him to close the lights. Chilbong is upset 😦

Mom, Dad, Yoojin and Chilbong watches TV and Chilbong asked if they would want Spicy Rice Cakes as snacks. He runs off happily and Yoojin wonders aloud that Chilbong isn’t the type to snack and Na Jeong is the one who is crazy over Spicy Rice Cakes.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h46m00s58vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h46m43s229Turns out that Trash is going to confess to Na Jeong on the day!

Haitai, Sam Cheon Po and Gi Tae are drinking all night as Gi Tae is enlisting the next morning. Haitai promises Gi Tae that they will all be there for him on that day and will not leave until he disappears from sight. The next morning, Gi Tae is all alone and having a hangover, while the rest of the guys are sleeping. HAHAHA!

Chilbong is at baseball practice.


The two team-mates who were unhappy with Chilbong, dropped a batting net on Chilbong’s foot and he screams in pain.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h48m38s94Chilbong’s ‘wife’ asked the two team-mates if they did it on purpose and why they hate Chilbong so much. One of them says that he does hate Chilbong and went on to say that Chilbong’s Dad buy the team meals every now and then, and that even if he wants to, his Dad can’t. He rants that it’s a poor man’s complain. Wife tells the team-mates that they should know better that Chilbong was not born a genius. He worked extremely hard to be good at baseball, and that Chilbong never told Wife that the two team-mates are options.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h49m24s45vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h49m16s225vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h49m12s180Na Jeong calls Trash and tells him that she can’t come because Yoojin is sick. Trash is dejected and tells Na Jeong to come no matter what, even if it’s late.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h49m51s62vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h49m53s83vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h50m02s174Trash takes a walk with Binggrae and finds out that Chilbong hurt his foot. Sam Cheon Po arrives to lend a book to Binggrae. Trash is brothered about Chilbong, and his face changes and he walks away. vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h50m11s5vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h50m15s38

Trash goes back to him room, clearly unhappy and looks around for cigarettes. He took his colleague’s and smoke a few sticks outside.

Yoojin returns home, and Na Jeong asks her for help. Yoojin tells Na Jeong to just do the horse stance, ask for the money and cut off everything Trash tries to say. Na Jeong tells Yoojin to page her every 5 minutes. Hah.

Na Jeong arrives at the hospital and pages Trash.


Trash runs out and both of them stand, separated by a road.


Trash tells her to come over, and she crosses the zebra crossing, but stops in the middle and doesn’t cross the other road.


She does what Yoojin told her to. Trash smiles and asked her to come over. Na Jeong hesitates and open her arms instead.


Na Jeong sees Trash smiling, and she smiles.

vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h52m31s120vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h52m32s134Trash walks over quickly….vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h52m39s206vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h52m42s232vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h52m41s220And he lands a kiss instead of a hug!


Awwwwww 🙂


Trash goes to visit Binggrae again, and he realised that Chilbong is there too. He asked Chilbong why is he warded too, and Chilbong says that he has to take CT scans and etc. Chilbong receives a package from one of his team-mates. He opens it up, to find a whole box filled with socks.

He calls Gi Rong and they chatted. Aww. Team-mate apologised to Chilbong.

At home, Mom picks up a phone call and sounds shocked. Haitai is going to enlist. Tomorrow. vlcsnap-2013-12-01-18h53m57s216Poor Haitai is enlisting with only his parents and without a good-bye ceremony!

Na Jeong lies on her bed, smiling while looking at the necklace Trash gave. Trash calls home, and Na Jeong speak with Trash over the phone. At the same time, Chilbong is doing an interview on TV.


In his interview, he said that his mentor said this quote which is his favourite, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”


HEARTBREAK for Chilbong shippers 😦

I loved that Trash and Na Jeong finally get together, and we could expect a whole lot of cute waiting for us, but we also never know who will be the husband. The preview for next week looks like Chilbong shippers will get more heartbreaks and he’s going to leave for somewhere 😦

I’m still hoping that husband is Chilbong, and now that Trash is dating Na Jeong, I strongly feel that there is a high chance of Chilbong being the husband. Dramas are all about the twists.

Anyway, Haitai’s enlistment was quite sudden, and I wonder if the writer wrote that because the character is being wasted in the drama. He has no loveline, and it’s too late to make him one of Na Jeong’s contenders. That’s why drama you should have hold off the Sam Cheon Po and Yoojin dating for later.

Overall, I thought the episode was quite slow because of the whole Kim Min Jong thingy going on, and the enlistment stuff. However, because it’s a huge development on Trash and Na Jeong’s part, I’m forgiving you drama.

Chilbong shippers, let’s prepare our hearts for more heartbreak next week 😦

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10 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 13

  1. I’m angry, girl. How much time have Chilbong appeared in 3 recent eps?
    Who pays attention to his wound, seriously, except Binggrae and his “wife” ,LOL?His wound to me in this ep is an excuse for Trash to be jealous and kiss, seriously, why??????

    1. Yup. Actually I don’t know why Trash was bothered by Chilbong’s news. But the confession was something he planned already thus I don’t think it’s because of jealously. Hahaha.

      1. I think he was bothred because when he’s told that chibongie was hurt and saw that Sam Cheon Po wasn’t worried at all about yoo jin, he thought that Na Jeong lied to him about staying with yoo jin and misunderstood that she stayed with chilbonhie the whole day. Then when he sees chilbongie, and he tells him he’s been doing tests all day alone, he finally understands ^^

      2. But the problem is CB travels for 12 hours to confess his love, T asks NJ to come to the hospital to confess. Even with his plan, why does he ask NJ to come when he can go to her?

  2. OMO!OMO!OMO! TRASH OPPA FTW! LOVE HIM LOADS! HOPE THAT HE’S THE HUSBAND coz, look at that kiss. Talk about passionate making out. . . . ❤

    1. Hahahahaha! It was sweet but it was not really that hot and passionate. Hahaha! Probably bcoz Na Jeong is too innocent!

      1. Yeah, true. But that is definite making out. Yes, my heart bleeds for Chilbongie too. I mean, he’s like a kicked puppy. Is it me or does he look like Sam Winchester from Supernatural, with perfect puppy dog looks? Any way, its true that I feel for Chilbongie, but I can’t help but fall more for Trash Oppa with that Epic Kiss. He-Who-Knows-To-Kiss just melts ma poor weebie heart. . . .

  3. If you watch this ep with sub, you can tell that this ep is full of CB.
    And CB’s fans actually feel more hope after watching this ep than yesterday ep.
    Hint: Kim Min Jong who sings at the wedding is also the original singer of CB’s theme song “With You”

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