POV DISCUSSION: Golden Rainbow Episode 9 & 10


Since we had all the cute in the earlier episodes, its time for the heartbreaks 😦 and there’s many more coming our way 😦 Dad gets all the blame, and even though Baek Won tries her best to prove that Dad didn’t do it on his own, the truth backfires after both Young Hye and Chun Won lies in court.

Il Won dies from lung failure, and Dad is sentenced to 15 years in Jail. Baek Won is facing too many things at one go, and like that’s not enough, she finally finds out that she and Man Won are not blood-related.

Dad manages to rescue Baek Won and Il Won from the storage, but the police soon arrives. One of the police car brings the kids to the hospital, while Dad gets transported in a different car. Dad pleads with them to let him go to the hospital first, and they refused. Dad causes a car accident and runs away.

Il Won needs a surgery, but they need an adult and money. Baek Won is shocked and doesn’t believe that her Dad would do such a thing. Jinki is worried and goes to the hospital and meets Dad there. Dad agrees to take all the blame if Jinki helps his kids and the surgery. Jinki tells Dad to convince Man Won first, since Man Won knows everything.

Dad convinces Man Won to lie and hide the truth. Dad appears the hospital, and the cops all rushed to catch him. He surrenders and tells them that he will go with them after looking at his kid first. He hand over the money to the doctor and asked him to take care of Il Won. Dad is taken away with the police.

Il Won manages to wake up after the surgery, but died after chatting with Baek Won for a short while. The whole family is upset at Il Won’s departure. Young Hye returns to the kids, with instructions to find the gold. Everyone is happy to see her back.


Baek Won meets Dad to find out what is going on, and Dad admits that he did smuggled and did caused Il Won’s death. He tells her that he is no longer their father and walks away, which sent Baek Won in tears.

Baek Won realises something is amiss, and follows Young Hee out secretly. Chun Won tags along. They overheard the loanshark asking Young Hye about the gold and putting all the blame on Dad. Baek Won is shocked.

Baek Won tells Man Won about what she heard, but Man Won tells her to stay quiet if she knows nothing. Man Won meets Dad and ask if he needs to keep doing this and he feels guilty. Dad tells him to take care of the kids.

Baek Won’s suspicions is being confirmed after Young Hye asked her directly if she had any idea about the gold. Baek Won started to cry and Young Hye tells her to forget about it. Baek Won visits Dad lawyer (public defender) and tells him what she heard.

vlcsnap-2013-12-05-12h32m51s206In court, everyone is surprised when the public defender says that he doesn’t think Dad did it alone, and calls Baek Won as a witness. Baek Won mentioned about what she heard and about Young Hye’s debt. She also mentions that Chun Won was with her and heard the same thing.

vlcsnap-2013-12-05-12h33m29s79vlcsnap-2013-12-05-12h33m04s78vlcsnap-2013-12-05-12h33m03s69vlcsnap-2013-12-05-12h33m32s108Chun Won disagrees, and says that Baek Won told her to lie so that Dad could get a lighter sentence. Baek Won is shocked. Young Hye is brought to the stand, and denies her involvement.

vlcsnap-2013-12-05-12h33m41s196vlcsnap-2013-12-05-12h33m51s38vlcsnap-2013-12-05-12h33m53s61Baek Won throws Young Hye and Chun Won out of the house, enraged. Young Hye cries bitterly. Chun Won follows Young Hye and tells her to take her in. Young Hye refuses her request and tells Chun Won that she does not have the power to do that now. Chun Won is upset and goes back to the house.

Jinki makes a deal with Mr.Loanshark, and they agree to let Young Hye off the hook for now. Young Hye pleads with Mr. Loanshark to let her take care of one kid at least.

Baek Won gets a new dream. To grow up and be a policewoman so that she can one day reveal the truth.

Young Hye returns to the kids home, and talks to Man Won and Baek Won. Young Hye wants to bring Baek Won with her, to which Baek Won flatly refuses and tells her to get out.

Man Won brings Baek Won aside to talk, and tells her to follow Young Hye as she can continue living life properly and not be burdened with the kids. Baek Won argues and  reason that she won’t be able to do it, and if Man Won really wants to send his own sister to a different place. Man Won looks at her and reveals the truth – we’re not blood related. Baek Won is shocked.



Poor Baek Won 😦

The kids portion in Golden Rainbow is soon coming to an end. Even though I’m excited for the appearance of UEE and Jung Il Woo, I’m a little sad to see the kids go 😦 They’ve been truly awesome *claps*

There are three people I hate in this drama – Young Hye, Eok Jo and Chun Won.

Young Hye is the main cause of all this mess! She had caused Han Joo to be in jail twice, and now she caused him to go to jail again! She’s causing trouble everywhere! Eok Jo is so irritating to the point that I want to PUNCH him. He’s such a coward and if he didn’t brought his son to the storage, Il Won wouldn’t have died. Chun Won is such a scheming kid, and I won’t be surprised at how evil she would get once she grows up. Her affection and love are all purely calculated steps.

I know that the villain in the drama is supposedly Jinki, but I don’t blame him. He’s evil, I know, but he has a heart. Even though he plans to make his own way out, he does mean what he says about feeling guilty about Han Joo and his kids. He knows that Han Joo takes good care of him since they were young, but in his own point of view, he has no choice as he has to survive as well.

It’s all Young Hye’s fault! If she didn’t stole that 3 million, none of this mess would have happened. Tsk Tsk. I don’t even know how Baek Won can ever look up to her mother again, because she’s so irresponsible.

The previews showed that there’s going to be more heartbreaks coming for us 😦 Chun Won would probably follow Young Hye. The ward officers will come by and take the kids to the orphanage. However, it looks like Man Won is bringing all of them to run away. However, it looks like they boarded the train, but left someone behind. Could they possibly lost the other kids??? Oh No. *cries*

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