POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 11 & 12

vlcsnap-2013-12-07-22h57m46s253Empress Ki continues to tug at my heartstrings and I’m loving each and every episode of it. Ji Chang Wook is so sincere with his love for Ha Ji Won, that it makes my heart ache for him that she hates him to the core. Technically, he didn’t kill her father. However, he caused her father to die as a traitor – or something sort of along those lines. He doesn’t know that Ki Joon was her father, thus he cannot understand the reason why Ha Ji Won is distancing herself from him.

As a viewer, I really wish that Ha Ji Won falls for Ji Chang Wook, because I swear he is so adorable every time he thinks of her. I’m not saying that Joo Jin Mo is not suitable. It’s just that the OTP of Joo Jin Mo and Ha Ji Won is so weak compared to Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won.

My fangirl heart is hoping that Ha Ji Won will slowly stop hating on Ji Chang Wook and blaming him for her father’s death, and that she falls in love with him. Please 😦 ?

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