POV DISCUSSION: Heirs Episode 17 & 18


I can’t explain how happy am I to see that Heirs is finally going to end! It was a painful journey throughout, but I’m glad that there are characters which I loved in that one-hell-of-a-mess storyline.

If you’ve read my previous discussions on Heirs, you would probably guess that my ultimate favourite character in Heirs is Choi Young Do (Kim Woobin). I simply love his character so much. We’ve seen him in his worst, him being lonely, him actually changing for the better. His character is the most interesting, out of all the other characters in the show, and his character’s development in the story is also the most. He remains cool right till the end, and I loved him for that. Episode 18 was the perfect episode for Young Do, because he finally lets go of Eun Sang, and he gets to do something for Tan, to at least ensure that Tan gets to see his mother, unlike him who was too late. And he finally eats a warm home-cooked meal!

Chan Young & Lee Bo Na is next up, because they’re the couple who is sane, and normal and act like students. I love Chan Young for being such a cutie pie and perfect boyfriend and bestfriend. I didn’t like Bo Na at first, but she started to grew on me and she was a great comic relief, because her character was delusional, and that was funny and cute.

Next in the line is Rachael, who is no longer insisting in having Tan. She moved on fast, and I love her for that. She’s interesting in her own way, and like Young Do, she started off showing her haughty side but soon, we get to see the other sides of her. For example, her being upset at being ridiculed for her Mom’s marriage with Young Do’s dad. Her being all girly and shy around Hyo Shin after the kissing.

And that’s it. The rest of the characters are a bunch of confused people, or characters who are placed in the story just to make the story work.

I don’t know why in the world Eun Sang finally decides to be with Tan. Was Won’s advice that convincing?! That’s pretty lame. The main problem with Heirs is that they spent too much time focusing on Eun Sang and Tan’s differences and the reasons why they can’t be together. It was so emotionally draining, and every time they look at each other with those puppy eyes and depressed, I feel like smacking the screen for it’s cheesy-ness.

Tan is a useless character. Sorry, but that’s my opinion. The only thing he does in the drama is to be a lovelorn fool, who doesn’t control his own life. He doesn’t resolve any conflicts on his own, and that is so annoying. He breaks the engagement, and doesn’t even show any concern for Rachael. I know Rachael has been an ass, but weren’t they friends?! In America, when Rachael hugged Tan, Tan clearly was hesitating to either hug her or not. Rachael has been evil towards Eun Sang, but that doesn’t warrant Tan to be such an ass himself. In simple terms, Tan never did anything at all worth to get what he deserves.

Eun Sang is such a frustrating character. She spent most of her time rejecting Tan, and out of random moments, she decides to see Tan. What is wrong with this girl, seriously?

Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Ha Neul are totally wasted on this drama. I don’t even know what the character Won is supposed to do. Basically he pushes Tan away despite him liking Tan to gain control of the company, and he also loves a poor girl. That’s it. He totally softens towards Tan, after Tan expressed his love towards Eun Sang. MEH. His relationship towards the poor girl was really redundant. What was that for really?

As for Hyo Shin, he was around as the senior, and he looks good and cool – despite his family who always stressed him out. But…there’s no storyline on him. He’s just there as a character. His crush on the poor girl (sorry, I don’t rmbr her name) was like a crush for a student, and that was just….downright lame.

And all the other characters are just there for decoration. 

You know what? Drama should have moved a little faster, create more strong characters, and a stronger plot with reason. The most important thing? YOUTH. This is a drama involving high school students. WHICH HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT IN THIS WHOLE WORLD THINKS LOVE IS THAT IMPORTANT? 

I don’t think there is any. Sure, we love and play when we’re young, but to fight against rich daddies, and to go all depressed mode because of love, instead of thinking of their future or studies, that is just…so wrong in a way. Students are students, we are young and we take risks, and we’re impulsive, but we are not that senseless, right?

They should have broke the engagement earlier, so that Tan and Eun Sang could have spent more HAPPY times together, and more importantly, to give more time for Rachael’s development as a character. It’s too late to hope for Rachael getting her own loveline. I always thought she looked great with Young Do, because their exchanges are always fun to watch. They way they speak to each other is just so awesome. Hah. And Hyo Shin enters late in the game, though they both don’t have feelings for each other, there is this awkwardness which is so cute to see. If plot had moved faster, we could have seen a more interesting loveline.

Anyway, I’m just so glad that it’s almost over, and I just want to quickly get it done and over with.

*Side Note: I think someone posted this link on soompi’s forum, and I’m sorry if any fans are upset at the content. I DO NOT personally hate any actor in this drama, or the writer. I loved the writer previous works (Secret Garden, City Hall, On Air)! Though I’m not a fangirl of Lee Min Ho, I do not have any personal hatred towards him, and I find him a decent actor. I like Park Shin Hye as an actress (which doesn’t necessarily means the roles she portray), and I am a FAN of Choi Jin Hyuk & Kang Ha Neul. My comments on this post, is purely the characters inside the drama, not at the actors themselves. Please do not misunderstand this. And yes, I am disappointed at this drama, but I do not hate the writer. 

If you’re wondering why I watch it despite not liking it, I’ve already mentioned in previous posts that I like some of the characters in it. And there’s a small percentage in me which is dying to see some hope in the drama till the very end. 

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9 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Heirs Episode 17 & 18

  1. I don’t think you should be apologetic to anyone! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and POVs and moreover this is your blog! You did not post your views on an open forum and if butthurt fangirls take issue with that, then it is their problem! I totally agree with your thoughts on this drama and it was too painful to continue watching (I have dropped watching it). I still read comments as the diehards are too funny at times and my eyes get a good workout at the same time (eyes rolling) On a sidenote..I’m eagerly anticipating the Kim SooHyun drama that airs after this trainwreck is over!

    1. I saw a bit of the trailer and could not get into Jeon Ji Hyun’s character or acting o.o will have to take another look at it. Just hope it doesn’t get too overhyped. Then again, it’s a Kim Soo Hyun drama, what am I saying..

      1. Yup. She looks hotter in the movie with Kim Soo Hyun. Let’s just hope they maintain that sexy chemistry together and the drama doesn’t disappoint!

  2. Ha I’ve been hanging around for your Reply 1994 analyses, and I found myself agreeing with almost everything you said.

    I must say that going from Wed-Thurs’ The Heirs to Fri-Sat Reply 1994 gives me severe whiplash, are these even the same universes??? The Heirs is like some screwed up fantasy world that barely resembles reality. That said, I am still watching both shows, and like you I’m glad The Heirs will be over soon hehe. There were some good moments.

  3. I’ve been reading some good comments on Reply 1994 and I will start watching today! I think anything will be better than that fantasy on Wed/Thurs which has no logical plot and potholes so large that a 6 tonne truck could fall into. I am really surprised that it has achieved such ratings and would be curious to see the demographics of who is watching it!

    1. The ratings rose, mainly because Secret has already stopped airing – and both Medical Top Team and Pretty Man is not really that attention grabbing. So I guess, people rather tune in to Heirs. It does have a lot of good looking people on set.

  4. It’s strange how I agree with everything you say on all your posts I’ve read so far – for Heirs, Jang Ok Jung, Gu Family Book, Bu Bu Jing Xin 🙂

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