It’s almost the end of the year people, and my favourite time of the year because it’s a great time to reflect on whatever I’ve done for the year itself. Of course, I’m purely referring to the dramas I’ve watched over the year. Haha 🙂 This is just a warm up post, and the next one will be after 2013 ends, so around January?

Early this year, I mentioned that in 2012, cable dramas wins hands down compared to the BIG3 networks. This was because the cable dramas were much more better than the dramas on the BIG3 network. For 2013, I think it’s a tie overall. There were plenty of dramas with potential, some made full use of it, while some lost it.

I have a couple of favourites this year & a couple of disappointments, and I’m just here to share my thoughts on the various dramas in 2013 which I watched.

My 2013 TOP Favourites  🙂

Heartless City, I Hear Your Voice, Two Weeks, Secret Love

These dramas are my top favourites of the year, and I believe that they are the best dramas aired in 2013. Of course, it’s not perfect, but I would say these dramas does very well in at least one thing, which makes it such an enjoyable ride, and a memorable one too.

Heartless City was really awesome for it’s dark-themed story and Doctor’s Son is my favourite character in 2013. It would have been perfect if Nam Gyuri’s role wasn’t just a flower vase in the drama plot. I was surprised by how the drama was executed, and it was really perfect. It felt that all noir dramas should at least have this kind of standard. It was strong and violent and I loved it. Too bad, it’s probably difficult for the BIG3 to do it because of it’s ‘dark’ theme. Oh well, at least movies does noir well too 🙂

IHYV was the cute and interesting noona-dongsaeng romance 🙂 I started the drama thinking that Lee Jong Suk will not be with Lee Bo Young and will just have a crush on her, and never did I expect that he will swoon our hearts and end up with her. It was just too sweet. There were good script moments, touching scenes and I loved it 🙂

Two Weeks was a fantastic run with clever villains, and warm-hearted Tae San and the so adorable daughter of his. Even though we all know the ending, and we know how stupid it is that he manages to get away each time, but it was a great ride towards the ending. It’s not about ending, or how he ran away, it’s really about just how adorable his daughter was, and how Tae San finally have the will to live.

Secret Love is one of the best revenge/romance drama I’ve watched. Why? Because it’s not makjang like every other revenge drama out there (Bad Guy, Shark, Swallow the Sun..etc). It’s really light for a revenge-themed drama, and I loved that fact. It gives us the suspense and tension, but at the same time is funny and warm. Ji Sung is just a little obsessed…but cute 🙂 This drama proves that not all revenge-themed story has to be dramatic.

Honourable Mentions of 2013 🙂

Good Doctor, Flower Boy Next Door, Incarnation of Money, Master’s Sun, School 2013, Dating Cyrano Agency, Ten 2, That Winter the Wind Blows, Answer Me 1994

These are the dramas, which were good but not really my top picks of 2013. I loved them a lot when it was airing, but most of them, I probably wouldn’t watch a second time, or more than 2 times. I watched Master Sun and School 2013 twice, and I don’t think I’ll watch it a third time. Answer Me 1994 is something I’m enjoying right now, but I probably won’t watch it a second time because I found the pace a little slow in the beginning, and the drama is only fun once, when we are shipping the OTP and don’t know the ending. Once we know the ending, it won’t be as fun to watch a second time. (On a side note, I watch R1997 twice though.)

Dating Agency Cyrano was nice, but I really…don’t think the two leads should be together. Just my opinion. Hah. Chunhee is just so charming 🙂 Incarnation of Money was amazing, and it would have made my favourite list, only if the first couple of episodes wasn’t that (hmm. trying to think of a word to describe…) . I only remembered that the pace, and the story got interesting after a couple of episodes, and from then it was amazing.

Good Doctor was heart-warming and nice, but for a medical drama, it didn’t really give me enough tension or conflict. Hah. Medical dramas are harder to score, because it’s really difficult to have a good one. I’ve watched plenty of medical dramas, but most of them are average and the ones which stand out is less than 5. I liked Good Doctor for its characters, they are all sweet, earnest and interesting, all including the secondary characters – which I find is the heart of the drama. But to watch it more than twice….

FBND was cute, funny and sweet. It was nice, but if I watch it again, I don’t think I would have the same fondness I had watching it for the first time. TEN 2 was good, but it wasn’t as good as the first season.

The average of 2013

Gu Family Book, I summon you gold, Heirs, Strange Housekeeper, Fugitive of Joseon, Monstar

These are the dramas which I probably had a lot of expectations for or liked it from the start, but the interest slowly dipped, or something else happened along the way. It’s not terrible, but it’s not awesome either.

Gu Family Book was amazing with Choi Jin Hyuk, and the rest was…bleh. Lee Seung Gi was awesome as well, but the storyline became a little weird along the way and my interest flew out the window and I just kept on watching to see Choi Jin Hyuk, even though the story became boring. Basically, this drama’s spotlight is Choi Jin Hyuk.

ISYG was ridiculous. The drama doesn’t make sense at all and it’s just so stupid, but I watched it till the end. I know, right? I don’t know why either, but the drama has a certain hook, which I have no idea what it is that makes me watch this till the very end, even though the story was ridiculous. Probably Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee was the reason I sticked around.

Heirs need not be explained right? It’s a messy story line, with some redundant characters, but at the same time, they have clever dialogues, and strong characters which kind of saves the show. Or at least kept me interested. Strange Housekeeper was really interesting at first, but I think adapting a J-drama is not a good idea. Firstly, J-dramas are shorter compared to K-dramas, and the pace is faster since they have lesser episodes. Thus if you’re adapting a j-drama, you must at least hold viewers attention till the end. However, along the way, I got bored of Park Bo Nyeo and I was just interested in Han Gyul-Soo Hyuk-Woo Jae loveline.

Fugitive of Joseon was interesting, and good…but it wasn’t amazing. Monstar was nice, really, but it had a few misses with me and I thought overall, it was good but not great.

The disappointments 😦

7th Grade Civil Servant, Jang Ok Jung Live in Love, The Great Seer, All About My Romance, Empire of Gold, Shark, Who Are You

These were the dramas I really had high expectations for, but it failed me miserably.

The biggest disappointment in this list is EOG, which was so HUGE. They promised us an OTP which never happened, a contract marriage with NO LOVE INVOLVED, countless of episodes battling back and forth with no ultimate winner for at least 2 episodes, and a ridiculous ending. I felt like throwing stones and flipping tables as I watched this when the OTP I waited for sooooo looonnngg never happened.

Who Are You started off great – I thought. Until Kim Jae Wook appeared. After he appeared, he stole the spotlight for every episode and we just wished he was alive instead. He was freaking awesome in the show despite the show becoming more boring as the episodes went by. I expected Shark to be more dark, more intense, but it was meek right from the start till the end. It’s really just about love.

Jang Ok Jung started off awesome, lovely and pretty…but along the way, I thought to myself, wasn’t this supposed to be from her perspective and that it’s supposed to be different from the ones we know? Somehow along the way, that Jang Ok Jung, is the same Jang Ok Jung we know, and there wasn’t really a difference.

AAMR was Shin Ha Kyun! The awesome Shin Ha Kyun! I admit his character in the drama was hilarious, and interesting, and the other characters were okay too, but the story was just….so…dry and boring.


Right now, there are dramas currently airing, which I obviously can’t place in the list yet – and there are also dramas I’m excitedly waiting for, so they aren’t included.

And also, I didn’t place other dramas on this list because :- FIRST, I may not have watched that drama, SECOND, I may have dropped that drama halfway, or lost interest to even talk about it, and LAST, I might still be watching it at a slower pace due to time constraint.

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