POV DISCUSSION: Prime Minister & I (First Impressions)

Alright, I’ve watched the first two episodes of Prime Minister & I, and I think it has a pretty good first impression. It’s considerably funny, and I think it might be good if we give it time. The reason why I’m still not sure if it can last till the end, is because a part of me feels like the second half of this drama is going to be melo. I hope it won’t go in that direction, and remain fun till the end though.

Nothing to comment on Lee Bum Soo  because he’s already good. I’m glad that Yoon Shi Yoon picked this role, because it’s different from his previous roles so far. He recently picked roles which are bright and happy – but this role is a little different. He’s nice on the outside, but he has a mysterious side to him, and I like it 🙂 Not to mention that he’s eye candy. Haha.

Chae Jung Ahn‘s character is a little boring – maybe we’ll see more sides of her as times go by. As of now, she holds a crush on Lee Bum Soo and has a strong character. As for Yoona…she’s okay. The character is good, but I still can’t get used to Yoona’s acting. I’m not saying she’s bad – but when you put her together with other actors…it just shows in one way or another.

The chemistry between Lee Bum Soo and Yoona is surprisingly there, but acting wise, I think Yoona still has a long way to go. Honestly, I still think that Sooyoung from SNSD is the best actress in the group and with the most potential. Yoona’s acting is a little weak, but it’s not bad. It’s bearable and sometimes she does look convincing. At least it’s not as bad as Yuri’s acting in Fashion King, but that show itself was a mess, with messed up characters so let’s not even think about that. I have yet to watch movie ‘No Breathing’, so maybe when I watch it, we can see Yuri’s acting again.

Anyway, I shall just go with the flow and enjoy the drama for now because it is interesting. Let’s just hope it goes this way till the very end 🙂

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