POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 3


Episode 3 of Let’s Eat continues to be awesome, and we also get to see the different sides of the characters, which was a very pleasant surprise.

Even though I feel frustrated having to wait one week before each episode, I think it’s actually not so bad after all. The drama has a lot of those mini ‘food commercials’ and it’s wacky and funny – but if it’s a drama which airs 2 episodes each week, we might actually get sick of the humour. Thus, I think it’s not so bad having only one episode per week. It continues to build our interest and we won’t get sick of the humour so quickly.

In fact, the drama proves in this episode, that’s it’s really not all fun and wacky – because those characters have strong feelings which they hide within them, and we’ll slowly uncover it one by one.


vlcsnap-2013-12-14-09h27m34s54Jin Yi comes out of the shower in a towel, and her towel accidentally slipped which sent her into a panic mode for 1 sec, before she realises that there’s no one else around. The convenience of living alone. vlcsnap-2013-12-14-09h27m39s99vlcsnap-2013-12-14-09h27m59s51vlcsnap-2013-12-14-09h28m15s203Soo Kyung and Dae Young does the same thing in their own apartment, and Soo Kyung panics at her wide open window while Dae Young is more concerned about the wind coming in from his window. Hah.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h17m50s2Soo Kyung is sitting all ready to watch ‘Walking Dead’ with a whole box of chicken and tells her dog not to interfere as she finally have the time to watch the movie. vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h18m20s46However, the doorbell rings and Kyung Mi told Soo Kyung that she had an argument with Kyu Shik and rants that she is going to sleepover. She asks Soo Kyung on divorce proceedings and Soo Kyung says it’s not easy as they have kids too. Kyung Mi asks why Soo Kyung doesn’t turn on the heater, and is trying to save so much, to which Soo Kyung explains that living alone costs more and that she still needs to save. A while later, Kyu Shik arrives and he is trying to make up with Kyung Mi. He asks Soo Kyung to leave them alone. vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h18m30s145Soo Kyung is left with no choice but to wander the streets with her dog in the cold. She smelt  a strong smell of anchovy broth, and she saw a nearby hot food night stand (or whatever you call those).

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h18m41s0vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h18m51s103vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h18m58s173vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h19m01s207vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h19m25s183vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h19m06s255vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h19m29s223vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h19m31s251vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h19m33s8*end of food commercial* Hah. (Don’t you feel hungry? I had to pause and grab something to eat. Lol.)

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h19m58s7vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h20m10s121vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h20m08s104Soo Kyung finishes up her meal, and Dae Young appears, there for a meal as well. She tells him that if he’s here to sell insurance, she is clearly not interested. Dae Young says he is not and holds Soo Kyung’s dog as she pays her bill. He calls her dog, “Gae Bara” and Soo Kyung asks why is he calling her dog Gae Bara – and he mentions that he heard the dog’s name was Choi Gae Bara.

Dae Young asks if the dog is sick, and Soo Kyung panics until Dae Young says, ‘The nose is wet, did he catch a cold?’ Soo Kyung tells him that it’s normal for dogs to have wet nose. Dae Young does his insurance pitch to the dog, and tells Soo Kyung he is not telling her to buy insurance, he is recommending it to the dog. HAHA! Soo Kyung gets up to leave.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h20m36s126vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h20m42s192Dae Young returns home, and hears weird noises coming from Soo Kyung’s flat. (ehem ehem) But in reality, she’s not in her flat (her friend is) and she’s out in the cold passing time. She’s irritated and calls Kyung Mi and asked if they have stopped fighting and Kyung Mi says they have, and Soo Kyung goes home.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h20m51s19vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h20m52s34vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h20m55s65vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h21m10s214Soo Kyung saw that Kyu Shik had eaten her whole box of chicken and they had switched on the heater up to 50-degrees and she starts ranting. Kyung Mi tells her that she will buy her the same chicken next time, and they leave the place. Soo Kyung picks up a can to drink, but realises that there’s no more water only chicken bones. Hah.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h21m21s62vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h21m22s81vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h22m01s211Jin Yi is writing her bucket list when the thunders could be heard. She goes over to Soo Kyung’s place and makes it like her own. Soo Kyung wants to sleep, but Jin Yi is constantly trying to hold a conversation. She randomly asks Soo Kyung is she ever had an orgasm which made Soo Kyung feel all awkward. Jin Yi says she wants to have a girl talk as it’s on her bucket list. HAHA! Jin Yi talks all night while Soo Kyung is trying her very best to sleep. She finally gets to sleep at 4am.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h22m16s100Lawyer Oh realises that Lawyer Kim and Soo Kyung attended the same school, and she asks if he knew her from before. He denies and says that he only knew they were from the same school when he saw her resume. Kyu Shik asks if he never heard of Soo Kyung, as according to Kyung Mi, Soo Kyung was the beauty queen from the school and was nicknamed Sinchon’s Jeon Ji Yeon.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h22m27s211vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h22m45s137vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h22m51s203vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h23m02s55Lawyer Kim remembers the past – and he did in fact knew Soo Kyung…and he already had a crush on her since then 🙂 Oh you cutie!

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h23m08s109vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h23m37s146vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h23m47s242vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h23m43s202Lawyer Oh asks Kyu Shik if that nickname was something they came up with because Soo Kyung had an average face, and is probably one of those common faces in school – and that comment made Lawyer Kim stare at her in disbelief. HAH! Kyu Shik goes with the flow and says that Lawyer Oh is like coffee and Soo Kyung is like water. Lawyer Kim agrees and says sarcastically that indeed Lawyer Oh is like caffeine and if he can’t sleep if he thinks of her. Lawyer Oh takes this the wrong way and thinks he likes her instead. LOL.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h24m32s182vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h24m29s158Jin Yi waits around for Dae Young, and when he appears, she asked him if he had thought about the answer. Dae Young stares at her and asked her what answer. Jin Yi reminds him about her confession and his promise to think it over. Dae Young brings her to have a cup of tea.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h24m44s46vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h24m59s199vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h25m07s25vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h25m06s10vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h25m08s36Dae Young started telling Jin Yi a fictional story of his first love, and he gets all these inspiration from posters hung on the wall. Dae Young mentions that he and his first love made a promise to meet up after 10 years (the following year being the 10th), and to get together if their feelings are still as before. Jin Yi believes him, and asks him that if she doesn’t turn up will he give her a chance to date him. Dae Young says yes.

Soo Kyung looks at the food blog and has a craving for warm broth. She asks Lawyer Oh if she wants to have dinner together, but Lawyer Oh says that she is on a diet and suggests shopping instead. Soo Kyung says she wants to watch her movies after dinner. Soo Kyung asks Lawyer Oh on why she keeps her clothes at the office and Lawyer Oh explains that her mom is always nagging at her as she has too many clothes and her mom would always barge inside her room. Soo Kyung says that living alone indeed guarantees your privacy.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h25m31s7vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h25m36s60vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h25m56s3vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h26m05s90Dae Young is doing some sort of win-win business stuff with Lawyer Kim. Dae Young mentions that Soo Kyung noona works her as well, and how the world is small. Lawyer Kim stares at him and asks him if he is close to Soo Kyung. Dae Young mentions that he wants to be close, but Soo Kyung has no intention to do that. Lawyer Kim is relieved. Hah. Soo Kyung enters the office at that timing and starts ranting at Dae Young for following her all the way her.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h26m14s184Kyu Shik explains that he is here for Lawyer Kim, not her. Dae Young suggests they all go to dinner together, and Soo Kyung refuses saying that she is busy. Lawyer Oh tells everyone that Soo Kyung wants to watch her movies. Dae Young doesn’t force her, and tells the rest that they should have warm broth – Shabu Shabu. vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h26m22s9SooKyung lights up at the word Shabu Shabu and she tells the rest that it’s not good manners to leave alone, so she will join them for dinner first. Lol.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h26m34s121vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h26m57s100Jin Yi is buying Christmas Decorations and she tries to pay with her cards, but she is unable to. She looks at the cashier and apologises before leaving. She looks dejected, but perks up at the thought that she can finally learn to save money from now on.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h27m09s217vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h27m13s254vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h27m22s92vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m01s230vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m07s30Soo Kyung is excited to eat, and the moment the broth boils, she asks Kyu Shik to quickly put in the vegetables. Dae Young stops them and says that the order is wrong. Lawyer Kim says that it’s all the same, which of course made Dae Young do his food lecture. It’s meat, followed by vegetables, then meat again. Remember this people when you eat Shabu Shabu. Hah.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m16s117vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m18s140vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m23s195vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m27s232vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m37s75vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m36s61vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m39s96vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m49s199vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m55s2vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h28m52s228Kyu Shik says that they are all full and that the meal is done and Dae Young says that the best part of Shabu Shabu is just here and the meal is not yet done. vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m04s93vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m07s117Soo Kyung knows what he is talking about and asks for bowls of rice porridge. (MORE FOOD PEOPLE…)vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m12s164vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m14s192vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m15s201vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m17s218vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m20s249vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m22s9vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m27s67Looks YUMMY!vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m31s106vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m35s143vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m37s161vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m44s228Lawyer Kim and Lawyer Oh couldn’t eat because they’re too full. vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m53s69vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h29m52s53And these two are…..not yet full. HAHAHAHA.

Kyu Shik comments that both of them are similar when it comes to food, and tells Soo Kyung that she mentioned it was important to find a person with the same eating compatibility. He tells her that they should try dating.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h30m02s159vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h30m07s206vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h30m11s249vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h30m15s33Dae Young mentions that Soo Kyung has a boyfriend, which surprises everyone. Especially Lawyer Kim who quickly grabs a cup of water. Soo Young denies that she has a boyfriend, and Dae Young mentions about the noises he heard the other day which made Lawyer Kim spit out his drink and Soo Kyung realising what Kyu Shik and Kyung Mi did.

Soo Kyung asks Dae Young why he is eavesdropping on her anyway, and he says that he can hear the noises, even when she snores. Soo Kyung gets angry and started arguing that she doesn’t snore. She leaves frustrated.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h30m36s245Jin Yi is getting a massage with her friends and they talk about Christmas party. She asks them to come over her place, as it is part of her bucket list, but her friends have their own plan to spend Christmas with the family. Jin Yi says she should too and that she could visit her dad who is in jail and her brother who is in the army.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h30m57s198vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h30m53s154vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h30m48s104Soo Kyung returns home, and Jin Yi calls her again. Jin Yi mentions that she bought a lot of manga and intends on reading them all night as part of her bucket list and asks Soo Kyung to read it with her. Soo Kyung tells Jin Yi that in her list, she wants to live quietly and tells Jin Yi to respect her privacy. Jin Yi is taken aback and looks dejected, but she quickly puts on a smile and thanked Soo Kyung for teaching her something new and goes off to her own apartment smiling.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h31m03s253vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h31m20s165vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h31m24s212vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h31m27s236vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h31m37s88Jin Yi reads the manga, and started to cry. And we see that one of the things in her bucket list is to cry as much as she want without caring what others think.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h32m01s70vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h32m04s101vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h32m17s226Soo Kyung gets ready to watch her movie, with popcorn and drinks, however she felt a terrible pain in her stomach. Dae Young who has returned home, overhears her cries and thinks to himself that she indeed has a boyfriend. The dog however starts to bark, and he senses something amiss. He brings her to the hospital with the guard’s help in opening the door.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h32m31s108vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h32m33s126Soo Kyung wakes up and realizes that Dae Young brought her to the hospital, and she had an emergency surgery for appendix. He tells her that he is her life savoir.  vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h32m49s34vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h32m47s14vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h32m59s130Dae Young tells her that he will help her do the insurance processes, but Soo Kyung stops him and tells him that she doesn’t have one. She pretends to be in pain and lies down. Hah. Dae Young looks over at her and comments that she has been doing the lying, but is always saying he’s lying.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h33m11s252vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h33m12s7vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h33m24s127Lawyer Kim hears about Soo Kyung and is clearly worried but denies when Kyu Shik asks him. He says that it’s a busy period and then he says that he should visit her later. Hah. Lawyer Kim finds excuses like Soo Kyung’s family isn’t there for her. However, Kyu Shik says there isn’t a need as Kyu Shik and his wife will be going there and if it’s busy, he shouldn’t bother. Lawyer Kim asks sarcastically if Kyu Shik and his wife is going there to use the bed again, and Kyu Shik jokes that they could which made Lawyer Kim scold him.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h33m32s204vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h33m48s109vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h34m00s229vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h33m54s174Soo Kyung overhears another patient and her mother talking to each other and lies down quietly on her bed. A text came in and it’s Dae Young and Jin Yi who says that they are taking care of her dog and to get well soon. She smiles.

vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h34m09s62vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h34m11s89vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h34m19s168Soo Kyung is discharged, and while walking home, she saw her dog in weird clothes and is shocked. She saw Dae Young and Jin Yi from the distance and walks over to them. vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h34m39s110vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h34m41s135vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h34m40s123vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h34m54s5And the two are watching a video of Soo Kyung snoring. LOL! Soo Kyung is pissed and tells Dae Young that it is invading her privacy and Dae Young tells her that he was getting the evidence that she snored as she didn’t believe him. Soo Kyung leaves wondering why she should try to get closer to those people. vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h35m01s72vlcsnap-2013-12-14-10h35m06s123

After this, we see a scene of Soo Kyung in the hospital and she farted out loud. Instead of being embarrassed, she screamed happily and laughed. She then realized that people are laughing at her. She maintains her composure  and asks the nurse if she can eat already. Heol. She opens up the food blog, and realized that the blogger (we know who right?) went to the same Shabu Shabu restaurant.

And we also see the news reporting about the girl who was attacked and is currently in hospital receiving treatment. No clues given.


I loved this episode. In fact I loved all. However, this episode is so amazing as it made a huge progress in conveying the hidden feelings of people living alone and the advantages as well as the disadvantages of independent living.

The drama started off by telling us the convenience of living alone – you can be totally naked in your own space, your place can be a mess and there’s no one to nag at you, you don’t have parents who barge inside your room. It’s totally awesome. However, the episode also showed the sad part of living on your own. You get lonely and there’s no one to talk to and if you are sick there might not be anyone there for you.

Jin Yi’s scene of crying by herself in her room can be viewed in two ways. One – she is doing another thing on her bucket list. Or – she is sincerely crying and it so happens that her bucket list has that note. I’m going for the latter. Jin Yi has been a clueless, happy-go-lucky girl for the first two episodes, and I think we finally see her in a different light in this episode.

Perhaps she is always looking out for others’ impression of her, thus she never show her bad sides of herself – instead is always being cheerful. However, as she sat alone in her room, she started crying. Awww. Even when she was talking about spending Christmas by visiting her dad in jail and her brother in army – she came across as happy, but deep inside, she’s probably not.

Soo Kyung is comfortable living alone, in her own space and she doesn’t have any intention in letting people get close to her – for reasons unclear. However, at the hospital, we can see that she is a little lonely as there is no one beside her and she perks up after receiving a text from Dae Young and Jin Yi. And if you’re living alone, you may fall ill without anyone knowing! Soo Kyung was lucky.

Basically, this episode sorts of sums up the good points and bad points of living alone. It’s wonderful in how the writer managed to get the message across, and yet still managed to maintain the wacky humour and fun atmosphere throughout the episode.

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