POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 16 & 17

Apparently, not having Chilbong for two episodes made my interest to recap or watch the drama drop drastically. I have lost every single bit of hope of Chilbong being the husband, and even if they are going to make him the husband, I’m going to start flipping tables because the drama’s execution is very…errr…choppy?

I won’t hide my disappointment because from the moment I started this drama, I initially thought Trash would be the husband, but the first few episodes (almost half of the drama’s episodes), Chilbong appeared and totally won me over. Then, all of a sudden, they made Trash in the spotlight and Chilbong disappeared. It’s just so frustrating as a viewer.

I’m not saying this just because I’m a Chilbong shipper, but rather, I felt that the drama’s execution should have been carried out better and more smoothly. I don’t even want to talk about Trash and Na Jeong. I just want them to get together and marry, and that’s it. I don’t hate Trash, I like him a lot and I’m totally fine with him being with Na Jeong. I’m just pissed about how the drama switched from Trash to Chilbong to Trash, and in a very choppy (?) way. It’s hard to explain in words. Hah.

Still, I’m glad that Binggrae had his own moment of spotlight in these two episodes 🙂 He’s totally awesome in these two episodes. It should have come sooner. That ‘confirm’ kiss (reminds me of Yoonjae’s confirmation kiss in R1997 🙂 ) was a little bland (HAH!), but in terms of character’s development, I think Binggrae moved a huge step forward. He moved on from being confused for his feelings for Trash, and feeling another sort of nervousness towards the ‘die die’ sunbae.

I would love to talk about Binggrae’s moments, but honestly, I don’t have the mood to actually write much about the show, because I’m having Chilbong’s withdrawals. Haha.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the show 🙂 Oh, and the cameos from 1997 were hilarious~!

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4 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 16 & 17

  1. OhmyGod…totally agree with you. Actually i like Trash, somehow he makes me laugh with his ‘trash’ attitude. But i kind of mad when they make until two full episode to tell the other boarders stories (SCP and YJ, Bing, and the next episode will be about Haitai) while they only give Chilbong 5 minnutes every episode. Ang the draggy story about Oppa and NJ makes me “huuffftt….”. I dont even want to watch episode 16 & 17, i think i will wait until the who is the husband game is over.

  2. How very true. After showing the viewers a great person like Chilbong it is supremely sad to see trash and na jung walking around happily and everything happening a bit too quickly while the real person striving for her is shattered.
    Lost my interest coz of this.

  3. You are totally right. I don’t hate Trash he always make me laugh while I’m watching the drama but I want him to be Najeong’s oppa not husband. Still I wan’t to believe that Chillbong is the husband but if the drama keep going like this I don’t know how will Najeong love Chillbong.. And yes the end of the episode 16 was really good 😀

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