FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Miss Korea & You Who Came From The Stars

Alright, I initially thought of writing an individual post for each of the new Wed-Thu drama, Miss Korea and You Who Came From The Stars, but decided not to because I don’t really have much to comment yet on both dramas.

I’ve watched both – and I preferred You Who Came From The Stars, because it was witty and fun. It was pretty cool that Kim Soo Hyun narrates in the drama as well. I like the characters in YWCFTS, and Kim Soo Hyun being an alien with super powers? That’s just awesome. Hah.

Miss Korea was alright. It wasn’t very engaging, but it’s not exactly boring. All the characters are pretty meh~ to me except for Lee Sun Kyun who rocks most of the roles he take. I like him, so maybe that’s why I found the first two episodes alright. Lee Yeon Hee is okay. I’m not really fond of her acting, but I don’t hate her and sometimes I do like her in her roles.

Anyway, I don’t have much comment yet on either shows, so maybe in future episodes once things start to warm up, then I’ll write up a discussion or something.

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