POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 4

There will be no recaps or screencaps for Episode 4. First of all, I’m down with a flu and secondly, this episode didn’t have enough plot for me to actually want to write about it.

Episode 4 was weirdly slow in pace. I loved the first three episodes, but this episode was a little off. There was no developments between the characters, or the plot – which is a little disappointing because Episode 3 was really good. There were still cute moments of Lawyer Kim, who still holds a crush on Soo Kyung.

The ‘ghost’ in Jin Yi’s apartment was a little redundant. I felt like it was totally not needed.

Anyway, the preview for the next episode looks like we can look forward for more things. It seems like Dae Young is the beneficiary of the insurance that various people buy, and that’s suspicious. Wait…is Dae Young really the guy who attacks?

The show is all good so far, but I hope it continues with the witty and fun dialogues, yet with a certain mystery. I hope it won’t lose the fun part of the show. And more scenes of food 🙂 This episode didn’t have the usual food scenes until the last 20 minutes which was a little sad. Haha.

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One thought on “POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 4

  1. I really look forward in reading your review every week. I also agree with you about the irrelevance of “ghost in apartment” notion. Perhaps it wants the audience to know that the cctv was intentionally destroyed by someone. However the whole plot serves no purpose except it allows the three neighbours to get together and share a meal.
    Btw, hope you get well soon.

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