POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 18 & 19

Chilbong is back 🙂

As much as I loved the fact that Chilbong is back, and that he’s being the awesome guy that he already is – I still think that the husband is Trash. Honestly, I loved the Chilbong moments in these two episodes, but I don’t think it’s enough reason to make us think that he will be the husband again.

First of all – the break-up of Trash and Na Jeong is…so…WEIRD. I get it, that they lost contact after they got busy but to stay off contact even when she came back was just weird. It’s not as though they had a fought or something. Sure, couples grow apart – but considering how persistent Na Jeong was for the past 17 episodes, it doesn’t quite match her personality to just let go of Trash, right?

As for Chilbong, he’s just too adorable~ He confessed again, and even though Na Jeong is thankful to him in certain occasions, she still doesn’t like him as a guy yet – well, that’s what the drama’s been telling us, right? At first the drama teased us that she viewed him as man (when he was topless in the first few episodes as she delivered a food order), then after which, she is oblivious to his feelings and now what?

It’s just so frustrating and I’ve actually given up on the husband. I don’t care who is it – just get everything done and over with.

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