POV DISCUSSION: Prime Minister & I Episode 5

Alright, we’re 3 episodes away from the halfway mark (if the drama is 16 episodes) and I’m just going to give a short review on the drama so far.

Initially, I thought it was fun, but now my interest is slowly decreasing. The main reason is because there are too many things going on in the drama – it feels as though there is no focus. We have Park Joon Ki who wants Kwon Yul to fail, and we have Kang In Ho who has a hidden grudge on Kwon Yul. We also have Seo Hye Joo who likes Kwon Yul and is liked by Park Joon Ki. And lastly, we have Nam Da Jung and the kids.


Honestly, I’m more interested in Nam Da Jung and the kids – and I would like to see more scenes of them bonding, and for Kwon Yul to actually learn to be a better dad. I’m not interested in those political fight, or hidden grudges – those are boring. Leave those plot-lines for other dramas. Or just take one of those plot-lines and make it good.

I get it that Park Joon Ki hates Kwon Yul, and partly is because he blames Kwon Yul for his sister’s death. Okay. That’s fine. Tsk, was it necessary to make him have a crush on Seo Hye Joo, too? Don’t tell me the other reason he’s fighting with Kwon Yul is over her, because that is so…pathetic. It’s like a childish fight, you know…and he’s a minister? Let’s just hope that the only reason is his sister’s death or something bigger – not some lame stuff.

Kang In Ho has a hidden grudge, and most likely he’s getting revenge for his ‘Hyung’ who he visited at the hospital. It seems like Hyung is in a coma – and the reason is probably Kwon Yul, right? Okay, let’s just guess something…did Kwon Yul caused an accident which killed his wife, and caused Hyung to be in a coma? Hmmm. I hope not, because that is so…not fun. Hah. Or maybe Kwon Yul said something to Hyung, and maybe Hyung attempted suicide or something like that? Okay, let’s stop guessing. I just hope that the revenge reason is a little more original and not those I guessed.

Oh. Lastly, I think Yoona’s doing good so far – but in contrast, I’m kind of confused with Lee Bum Soo’s acting. I’m not sure if he was told to act that way to portray a comic feel or something, but some scenes just come across as weird. He’s saying something serious, but his face looks like he is about to smile. Mmmm? It’s not funny, you know? I don’t know if he’s trying to be funny or was he really going to laugh when he acted out. I doubt it’s the latter, so maybe they told him to smile to give a comic feel or something, but it’s just weird. Really. I know that the drama is a romance comedy – but you don’t inject comedy that way, right? I mean – how can you smile when you’re saying something serious?

Okay. Let’s just hope the future episodes focuses more on Nam Da Jong and the kids – because that’s the main reason why I’m watching you drama~

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