POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 20

*UPDATED with the Husband’s identity.

We’re just hours away from the last episode – and I bet both Team Trash & Team Chilbong are sitting at the edge of their seats. As for me, I have never felt so frustrated with a drama this much. I love Chilbong to bits and up till this episode, he has been stealing all the limelight in whatever scenes he is in – and it’s just so frustrating that he might not be the husband.

I like Trash – I do, but I just can’t let go of the fact that Trash was just an Oppa who sat around for the first 10 (?) episodes and did nothing about his feelings for Na Jeong. The rationale behind his hesitation didn’t make much sense, his declaration of ‘war’ against Chilbong was strong, but nothing happened after that. When they got together, and abruptly decide to get married, and then broke up because they grew apart – there’s just too many ‘plot holes’ surrounding Trash which makes it difficult for me to accept him as the husband.

If the writer had written Trash as someone who didn’t realized his feelings for Na Jeong till much later, I may have accepted him as the husband. Since Trash started out having a silly personality, it’s possible that he didn’t realize Na Jeong’s obvious feelings. However, the drama wrote him as someone who knew all along, and was just hesitating for like the longest time ever.

As I watched this episode, it irritates me even more that the writer is still giving hopes for Team Chilbong. I really thought Chilbong is not the husband anymore – and it just pisses me off that the drama is playing around with our feelings. Lol. This episode was totally Chilbong’s episode and firstly, we have him being the awesome guy he already is – always looking at Na Jeong.

Then came the heartbreak, when he realized that Na Jeong still loves Trash and is by his side because he got injured because of her. Why drama? Why do this to poor Chilbong?

Chilbong narrates that he should let go now as there are things which just won’t work out even if you try. However, in the preview, the friends mentioned that first loves do come true, but that’s not a clue because all three characters are having a first love. Tsk.

I don’t know, but I’m still thinking that Trash is the husband because Dad wouldn’t call Chilbong ugly right? He always calls Trash that. Unless Dad’s petty and said it because Chilbong didn’t mention his name on TV. I doubt so though. I don’t want to keep my hopes up and I just hope the writer STOP MAKING CHILBONG HURT!!!

I know I’ve been going back-and-forth about being okay with Trash as the husband, and I think it’s all because they keep making Chilbong so pitiful 😦 Go ahead. Let Trash be the husband but I WANT CHILBONG to be HAPPY! If he’s happy, I’m happy 🙂

*NOTE: Please understand that I do not hate Trash – or hate the fact that Chilbong may not be the husband. I’m just a frustrated viewer on how the drama is written (not the whole drama). I just don’t like the way the writer switches side after a few episodes and back again. It feels very sloppily done, and very irritating. I am not a Trash Oppa hater – PLEASE DO NOT REGARD ME AS THAT BECAUSE I’M NOT THAT CHILDISH. IF YOU’RE GONNA LEAVE ME HATE COMMENTS, GET LOST. 



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9 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 20

  1. If we narrow down the possibilities, it all comes to one: taste or preference. The best guy for Na Jeong should be her husband. He may not be handsome, well educated or whatever, but he should be able to put up with her. To accept her flaws, temper and her inner fangirlism and be ok with it. But life would be boring if he obeyed her each and every order, whim or fancy. He should be able to argue with her and come to a final decision without hurting one another. If they occasionally fight, like NJ’s used to, life will become colorful. In another angle, her husband should know her inside out. He should know her strengths, weaknesses, limits and the possibilities to seduce her (for their own good, and possibly ours. Snerk, if you get what I mean. Lol). I’m not pointing out which team I’m shipping but if you know me, then. . . . . . you know me. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes, hoping that my ship’ll sail to the sunset. . .

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