POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 The Finale


So we’ve come to the end, and by now, everyone should have known who is the husband because spoilers are everywhere. Hah. Na Jeong’s husband is Trash Oppa, Kim Jae Joon. It didn’t really came as a surprise, but it was heartbreaking still to see Chilbong 😦

Most Chilbong shippers are actually disappointed, and it would be a lie to say I’m not, because I am, greatly. It’s not about Chilbong not being the husband, or being a better man over Trash – it’s more about the execution of the drama which left me disappointed. Honestly, both Trash and Chilbong are outstanding characters, and I love them both.

I thought about whether I should watch the last episode, and I decided to, because I still need to see Chilbong’s closure. The last episode is alright – a little bit on the boring side, but everyone has their own ending.

My overall thoughts on Answer Me 1994:

I would never watch this drama again, because honestly, I found this drama rather slow. When I first started it, I hated the pace of the drama so much. However, after a few episodes, we finally get to see more interactions between the characters and finally get to see the friendship blooming.

vlcsnap-2013-12-29-12h17m08s34vlcsnap-2013-12-29-12h17m07s20vlcsnap-2013-12-29-12h17m09s41vlcsnap-2013-12-29-12h17m08s28If there is one thing which 1994 does better than 1997, it is THIS. The friendship. It was a slow start, but once the boarding people got together, it was priceless. I loved how each of the different characters slowly warmed up to each other and slowly build a strong friendship over the years.

My thoughts about Trash Oppa being the Husband:

vlcsnap-2013-12-29-12h21m43s225It’s not like I don’t know Trash is the husband. Honestly, there were many clues to say that Trash was the husband. It’s just that I wasn’t very happy on how Chilbong was thrown off the running so suddenly. It was very choppy, narrative wise, and it felt like all those earlier episodes was wasted.

First of all, we didn’t get to confirm Trash’s feelings for Na Jeong until Episode 12, and it was right after the declaration of a one-to-one fight with Chilbong. However, Trash and Na Jeong got together very quickly, without much of a hassle – and it felt a little indignant in a way.

When I first started this drama, I was not on Chilbong’s ship right from the start. I was hesitating between the two ships because both guys are awesome. However, Trash’s individual character didn’t fully come out until much later, which is to be blamed on why a lot of people shipped Chilbong in the meantime. It’s a narrative flaw, and a huge one.

Because Chilbong gained a lot of attention in those 11 episodes, when the character Chilbong is suddenly shifted to the background, and Trash is made the centre, it felt weird in a way. It felt abrupt. This is the MAIN REASON why I am unhappy. Hah.

It’s not about who is the husband – it’s THAT narrative flaw which makes me so mad. I felt somehow cheated in a way. I don’t really mind about Trash being the husband – because he’s good and cute, and I loved his interactions with Na Jeong.

As to why the husband mystery is not so much a shocker – Na Jeong never liked Chilbong. Not even once. Even though we hesitated between the two guys, Na Jeong has always been in love with Trash and she never showed an interest in Chilbong. So part of me knew that it’s impossible Chilbong is the husband.

However, like I said, the narrative flaw makes me feel cheated. If Trash was the husband, they didn’t have to go all out to make Chilbong the centre in the first 10 episodes. The mystery part of this drama should not have been the main reason why we keep on watching the drama.

I mean, even if we all knew who the husband was, we could have still enjoyed the show because the friendship storyline was great and we wouldn’t have this massive fan wars between the two ships. We could have loved Chilbong, yet prepare ourselves and know that he’s not the one. The mystery part of this drama was the negative point. It got old at a certain point, and it was honestly frustrating.


vlcsnap-2013-12-29-12h20m48s187vlcsnap-2013-12-29-12h20m50s205Still, even though I’m upset about Chilbong, I knew the chances of him being the husband was close to zero much earlier. Part of me wanted to be delusional and hold on to a little hope, for a little longer. I kind of roughly guessed it looking at how Na Jeong never once wavered with Chilbong, and when the medical books were on the book shelves. Even though the ball was there, when everyone hushed about why the ball was there – there was only one explanation. That Chilbong’s first love was history thus they didn’t want people to mention it again. If he was the husband, there was no reason to hush it.

The wedding picture, and when Binggrae stood on the groom’s side was an open answer that Trash was the husband. If Chilbong was the husband, it didn’t make sense for Na Jeong to questioned him on why he is standing on the groom’s side (since they’re cousins). However, it only makes sense if the groom is Trash – and we all know Binggrae ‘loves’ Trash.

The fact that the wedding was planned on a wrong day, and that Dad kept scolding the groom was also an obvious clue that it’s Trash – because only Trash makes these kind of silly mistakes. Even though Chilbong is silly in some ways, Dad wouldn’t call him ‘ugly’ as Dad is a huge fan of Chilbong. (Jung Woo is not ugly anyway~)

Anyway, I’m so glad that it’s over and though I bet a lot of Chilbong shippers are upset, but let’s just move on because it’s just a drama. At least Chilbong got married 😉 vlcsnap-2013-12-29-12h19m04s164vlcsnap-2013-12-29-12h19m03s152

On whether people should watch this drama, even if they know who the husband already is:

I think it’s a good thing to watch after knowing who the husband is – because the mystery part is the negative point of the drama, in my opinion. At least when you know who the husband is – you won’t keep your hopes up and rage afterwards. Hah. You can still continue to love both guys and enjoy the drama for the good qualities it has. However, you have to bear with the pace. Yes, the pace of the drama is just not to my liking.

This drama has a lot of good moments –  a lot of sad, sweet, touching moments, something not so evident in the 1997 series. The only bad thing is the pace. Just bear with it, and you’ll probably love those small moments.


Yoo Yeon Seok’s popularity after this drama probably shoot up a lot – and he can look forward to more success in the future. I’ve seen him in his other dramas, and movies and I have always been a fan of his. Even though I love him as the loyal guy who loves a girl with all his heart, I actually prefer him in evil roles. Hah. He just looks awesome being evil 😉 His character in Hwayi should have gotten more scenes xD

All the others who acted out in this drama could also look forward to more success because all of them were great. And people, Sam Cheon Po played in Hwayi as well – also an evil role. Hah.

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5 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 The Finale

  1. Honestly, there are three reasons why I knew right away Trash was the husband. First, which you mentioned, how Jeong’s dad treated him during the wedding, it could only be Trash; second, Trash’ brother’s name is Kim Jaeseok. And how brothers usually have only one character changed, it would fit that Trash’ real name is Kim Jaejoon; and third, which you also mentioned, their reaction in 2013 when Chilbong saw the ball on the shelf.
    But I was really happy with the result ^^ Trash is awesome.

  2. it’s very predictable from the start. i want chil bong for na jung but i now at end it will be trash. so instead of watching the last two episode,i just watched the ending haha

  3. I agree that it was weird that Chilbong was focused in some scenes of several episodes. I don’t know if the writer wanted the viewers to have that kind of hope and doubt Na Jeong’s feelings for Trash would change. And abrupt that on episode 12 Trash suddenly confirmed his feelings rather than gradual but subtle scenes for him to show his feeling. I felt disappointed but I guess that is how the writer would make you feel since that is how she had made the story so that we can feel the feelings of Chilbong 🙂

    Nevertheless it was a great story altogether.

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