POV DISCUSSION: Thoughts on Empress Ki

Empress Ki has aired about 18 episodes, and I would like to just share my thoughts on the drama so far. It’s far from what I expected, and my opinions keep changing from the first episode and up till the latest episode.

My current opinion on the drama right now? Boring.

What I liked about Empress Ki in the first place is Seungnyang’s strong personality, the Goryeo King & the childish Yuan King. The first few episodes’ plot was interesting and considerable fast-paced. However, my interest continues to dip further as episodes go by and now I’m actually bored.

I continue to love the interactions between Seungnyang and Yuan King (Tae Hwan/ Ji Chang Wook), but I’m kind of irritated with the individual characters of Seungnyang and the Goryeo King. Seungnyang seems to be no longer the gusty and fiery female she was in the first episode. She’s turned all meek, and only at times does she turn gusty.

As for the Goryeo King, I don’t like it the way he’s always perfect. Perfect is boring. I wish the writer bring back the Goryeo King from the first few episodes. He was still as smart, but he is always flustered around Seungnyang. Just because she’s a girl now, he’s no longer flustered.

Every time I see Seungnyang and Goryeo King staring at each other and shooting love arrows, I feel like I’m watching Eun Sang and Kim Tan (Heirs). I admit I’m Team Yuan, but it’s only because the drama have a lot of scenes of Seungnyang and Yuan King, and the Yuan King, being imperfect is so much more interesting to watch rather than a perfect Goryeo King. I love my characters which have developments, you know?

But first and foremost, the drama needs to focus on one thing at a time. Either get rid of the Prime Minister and continue the love triangle, or do the love triangle and focus on the Prime Minister later. I say…get rid of Prime Minister first and romance later. The scenes just don’t go well together. At one moment, it’s all tense and a few seconds later it’s all mushy. Being a saguek, I always think it’s better having more tense/action scenes rather than romance because Saguek is all about the politics. If it’s just romance, and weak action scenes, it’s actually boring – because we can totally watch a modern drama which has plenty of romance. Unless you can balance it out well, like The Princess Man, which I find is one of the most well balanced romance-politic saguek.

Let’s just hope the pace quickens a little bit because I’m really honestly getting bored.

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One thought on “POV DISCUSSION: Thoughts on Empress Ki

  1. Agreed with you completely. I really loved her in the first part of the series, and I odeon’ see how someone that strong willed has just let all of her skills atrophy. She went through a lot to gain her fighting skills, and just because she’s in the palace now doesn’t mean she can’t keep them up. Plus the Yuan king knows how good she is, and would probably support her if she wanted to keep her skills up (excuses to get physical with her; he would be all over that). I’m also team Yuan king, but I think he has a long way to go before being ready to take her in as a partner. I’m hoping the rest of the series brings back the kick-ass Seungnyang, but as it will mostly take place in the palace I don’t have high hopes.

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