Drop-by Note: Drama Updates~

I can’t remember if I wrote a post on My Love From Another Star before, but anyway, I’m just going to say that I love this drama 🙂 I love the characters and all the casts are doing a good job~ I don’t really have much to comment on, because I just really like the show. Hah. Maybe after the drama ends, I will write up an overall post.

There are three upcoming new dramas, which I’m keeping my eyes on – I Need Romance 3, Emergency Couple & Age of Feeling.

I didn’t watch I Need Romance 2, but I did enjoyed the first one, and this third one looks like it’s going to be fun. My main reason is basically Sung Joon. I just adore him. Emergency Couple looks awesome and I love it how the poster shouts, “Chemistry!” to me, and I think Choi Jin Hyuk & Song Ji Hyo would look awesomely cute together.

Strangely, I’ve never really liked Ji Hyo’s acting projects, but I love her as her. I just hope this drama is a drama I can shout out that I love her in.

Age of Feeling looks good too, and the fact that three people I adore (Kim Hyun Joong, Im Soo Hyang, Kim Jae Wook) are in it is just bonus points. I’m a bit wary though – because this kind of genre may be kind of confusing at times and complicating, which may get viewers kind of tired after being dragged on for too long. I hope the drama balances well 🙂

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