POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 21 & 22 (Review)

I’m not going to talk much about the latest episodes that much. I like how the pace is moving along, but just one super big flaw I think they should have paid more attention to.

Can anyone make some sense about Seungnyang & Lady Park delivering their babies around the same time? I mean Seungnyang is definetely premature, but Lady Park was pregnant for countless episodes…and those things which happened in those episodes all happened within less than 9 months?

Seungnyang was about 3-4 months pregnant when she entered back the palace, and it just amazes me how fast time flew by when it comes to Seungnyang and how slow time moves for Lady Park.

I like the drama, and how things are starting to fall into place, but I just wished they had paid more attention to this.

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2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 21 & 22 (Review)

  1. OK, I haven’t seen episode 22, so spoiler for me right there… hahaha. But if you will recall, in episode 21, after all of Ta Hwan’s supporters have left the palace, Lady Park was “serving” the Empress and the head Eunich stated that there is 4 months left before the baby is deliver. That means that she is now 5 months pregnant. What we do not know is WHEN did Nyang get pregnant, in relation to time frame of Lady Park. We do know that she got pregnant before the planning of the rebellion, so depends on how long it takes to plan that, she could be 2 or 3 months pregnant. 4 more months could take her to a 6 to 7 months pregnancy term… so in a way, it does sort of make sense.

    Can’t wait to see episode 22 now.

    1. Yup. It’s not really about making sense. It’s just that they covered seungnyang’s pregnancy in 2 episodes, but Lady Park’s pregnancy was covered episodes ago. It just sort of felt weird in a way.

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