Drop-by Note: Updates!

I’ve finished watching Let’s Eat Ep 11, and it’s the best episode so far~ 🙂 I reallllyyy want to talk about it now (because it’s just so good and full of cute!), but I have to go somewhere~ I’ll probably do the recap and discussion either late today or late tomorrow after work 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Drop-by Note: Updates!

  1. Just marathoned this whole show and I really like it. Will check back to see what you think of episode 11.

  2. I am feeling sadder and sadder for the lawyer guy. I hope the adroable delivery guy remains nice and is not some crazy lurker in disguise.

  3. I am 50/50 on the parcel guy being the murderer. He does seem suspicious but so is the ex husband whom we haven’t seen his face yet, even in flashback.

    This episode is by far one of the best epidode, 10 being second.

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