This is my first time writing a post on a variety show – and I decided to make it a little bit more special by writing about EXO’s reality-variety, EXO SHOWTIME.


EXO SHOWTIME is a 12-episode show about k-pop group, EXO and the show mainly ‘answers’ questions which ‘fans asked them’. It’s sort of a form of communication between the fans and the group, and it’s meant to let fans see a different side of the idols compared to the image we have in our heads when they appear on stage. The episodes mainly covers what the idols usually do on days without schedule, at their practice rooms and as well as their daily activities.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the idols names and faces, fret not – it’s super easy once you watch this.

I don’t know if non-fans would like this – but I did, and I wasn’t exactly an exo-fan when I watched the first episode. I did listen to all their songs since their debut, but I wasn’t exactly crazy over them because honestly, I’m too lazy to keep myself updated about k-pop news, given that so many groups are debuting every year, and I just don’t have that luxury of time.

I watched the first episode of showtime out of curiosity, and right after I finished the first episode, I started to look for more information on them – like their profiles and their pictures to know who’s who. Why? Because….personally, I thought they were awkwardly funny.

Face it. How many times do we see idols being all cool on camera and being all manly? Like all the time. I liked watching this because it’s fresh and seeing a group of good-looking idols and a whole different image to them is just entertaining.

When I watched the first episode, I thought Kris was arrogant because he was the only one who looked bored. But really…it’s not. He’s just funny and unique and hilarious. My friends and I joked that showtime was a show to bring down Kris’s image. With every new episode, his image just kept on dropping from a cool city guy image to a silly guy image.

The show basically had not much content – it’s just a show about them interacting (and eating, mind you), but I just love it. Their interactions are so funny and they all have very distinctive personalities which really shine through the variety show.

Like I said, I’m not sure if non-fans would like this as a variety, but I started off neutral, but I really love their personalities a lot (I’m a fan now), and I thought this was pretty decent to watch even if you’re not a fan. It’s literally just watching a group of dumb together.

Just in case you’re curious, I liked all the episodes but my personal favourites are when they went to the beach, the haunted house and the last episode 🙂

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