POV DISCUSSION: God’s Gift 14 Days Episode 4 (no screencaps)


God’s Gift 14 Days continues to be fun and well executed, and each episode is leaving me crying for moreeee.

Fate is a scary thing, and in this episode, we see that no matter how you try to avoid fate, things that are bound to happen will still happen. Can Soo Hyun save her daughter despite that?

We see her and Dong Chan trying to save victim no. 2 & 3, but both still end up dead, even though it’s not where they were supposed to die. We also start to see changes in Soo Hyun, who have turned into someone who is determined to take down the murderer before her daughter gets taken away.

She will do anything to stop it from happening – even to the extent of knocking the murderer with her car, or letting his hand go and let him fall to his death.


The question is – will he die? I doubt so. Dong Chan would probably stop him from dying that way, right? Because Soo Hyun can’t carry a guilt of a murder herself – even though technically she didn’t murder him.

We also see Young Gyu who is upset that Saet Byul is playing well with Dong Chan (he probably didn’t notice it’s Dong Chan though). It’s cute, but I’m still trying to think about his significance to Soo Hyun, Saet Byul and Dong Chan. There is definitely a connection, but we have no idea what kind, yet.

And what’s the purpose of having a president in this time-travel drama? I’m thinking if that all of these murders are actually a conspiracy by someone in the government to make the citizens hate the president? There must be a certain connection between the murders and the president and them to Soo Hyun, Saet Byul and Dong Chan.

I mean – it will be kind of ridiculous if the president in the drama is just for show and to justify reasons for the murder.

Besides all of these, we also see how the relationship between Soo Hyun and her husband is slowly changing. Will she lose her husband, in her fight to save her daughter? After all, the mysterious lady said that one of the two must disappear. We still don’t know who the other person of that ‘two’ is. It might be anyone.

Putting all of these tense and suspense aside, Dong Chan is so adorable and he takes care of Soo Hyun, and I just want to ship them together, and I’m hoping that drama, please make that happen. I know she’s married, but I’m still holding on to this hope. Hahahaha.

And can we appreciate how he knows what Soo Hyun is going to do so he takes all the necessary precautions – like putting a tracking device so even if she runs off on her own, he knows where she is. And also possibly stopping the murderer from dying because he probably thinks that Soo Hyun will let go of his hand and let him fall to save her daughter. This is just an assumption, but I think it’s valid. Hahaha.

And drama never made any promises that Saet Byul will be alive. It just says that Soo Hyun went back 14 days before the incident, and she tries to save her daughter. For all we know, when she re-live the past – it might not be to change what happened, but it might be a process for her to accept what had happened and move on. Like for example, she treated Young Gyu better and trusted him and she showers Saet Byul with more love and concern. So this time round – she might accept Saet Byul’s death more calmly.

But….let’s hope we don’t go there, and we can get a happy ending 🙂

Okay, now, bring me more episodes!

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2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: God’s Gift 14 Days Episode 4 (no screencaps)

  1. I have to say that I do not think the relationship she had/has (time travel wreaks havoc on tense choice) with her her husband before was really that good. I did not see a lot of warmth there, and he seems a bit resentful of her work, but maybe this is just me because I feel suspicious of everyone–well not Dong Chan now. He has many secrets that he was not telling her, too. Now he just seems angry; why wouldn’t he try to comfort his daughter if he thought his wife was crazy, for example, for her repeatedly talking about the girl’s death.
    I really like Lee Bo Young’s character because she isn’t perfect; she is just trying to do her best. She also isn’t the faint hearted female character who forgets her sense when in an emergency; she is a fighter, literally and psychologically; thus it is going to be continuously interesting to watch her figure things out and react to the new dangers. We all know that cannot be over yet.

    1. Hahahah! I do find her husband suspicious but we all don’t know what he is hiding from her. True enough, their relationship wasn’t exactly the best before the time travel, but I thought he was quite caring towards her and always so calm. Hahaaha. Anyway, there are just so many unknown in this drama it’s driving me nuts. Hahahahaha.

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