POV DISCUSSION: Bride Of The Century 5 & 6 (short)

Alright, first and foremost, I wanted to mention that I might not be able to do weekly discussions on Bride of The Century. I love the drama a lot – but I might not be able to post discussions on a weekly basis. However, I will do it whenever I have time, and want to discuss something.

Whatever it is – Koala’s Playground is doing the recaps for it so just head over there, that’s what I do too 🙂 Hah.

But anyway, now that Yi Kyung is back, I finally see how she comes into the picture of being the 2nd female lead. Honestly, the drama plot is so ridiculous if you think hard about it – it’s so makjang – but the drama is just so much fun, and you don’t even feel the stress at all – because the cute level is beyond 100% when Doo Rim and Kang Joo gets together 🙂

So we have Yi Kyung who is plotting with her Mom to make Doo Rim walk down the aisle with Kang Joo, so that Doo Rim dies instead, and Yi Kyung stays alive and married to Kang Joo. And we have Kang Joo’s mom who allowed Yi Kyung to marry Kang Joo, only because she believes that Yi Kyung will die, and she will then call Roo Mi to marry Kang Joo. And we have Kang Joo who decides to break off the marriage because he doesn’t want ‘Yi Kyung’ to die, who is really Doo Rim.

Whatever it is – this drama is just full of crack, and I love everything about it. Yeah – it’s weird, but it’s pure love and addiction.

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