POV DISCUSSION: God’s Gift 14 Days Episode 5

OMG. This drama is killing me seriously with all the question marks in my head. It’s creepy and awesome, and I just want MORE!

So, like I expected Dong Chan indeed saved Cha Boon Sun (the killer) from the fall and Soo Hyun didn’t turn into a murderer. But more importantly, we are thrown with more mysteries in this episode – which just brings us deeper into this whole murder, or even a conspiracy.

Is Cha Boon Sun really the original killer of Saet Byul – or was there another killer? Is Cha Boon Sun working alone? What is the ring which Soo Hyun found – and how does it relate to her husband? Why Cha Boon Sun has a picture of Young Gyu and Dong Chan’s mom? So did a woman die on the day Saet Byul goes to see Snake? Did Dong Chan kill Boon Sun – and WHY? What was the thing which Boon Sun wanted to tell Soo Hyun? 

There are seriously so many questions which I can’t answer and it’s driving me nuts. Did Dong Chan really hit Boon Sun with a hockey stick? Why? It is because he wanted to save Saet Byul – or was it because Boon Sun said something which provoked Dong Chan? And I don’t know how in the world is Boon Sun and Dong Chan related.

Who did Boon Sun call when he was in custody? Directly to Soo Hyun’s husband – or someone higher up, who orders Soo Hyun husband to get him freed? Remember in the first few episodes, Soo Hyun’s husband saw some pictures and left a message to Soo Hyun that he knows who killed Saet Byul and he is going to kill that person?

It feels as though he knows that person – so it might be someone around them, but who?

And what is the thing Boon Sun wanted to tell Soo Hyun?! Something that he won’t tell others but only to her. What?! Could it be possible that he time-travelled too? Nah~ I doubt so.

As for Dong Chan’s nightmare, I’m just left wondering….if the real killer back then, was not his brother but him? I mean – it sounds ridiculous, and no – I don’t want that to happen, but it might be possible right?

Ugh. I need more episodes.

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