POV DISCUSSION: God’s Gift 14 Days Episode 6


That picture explains everything. Creepy.

This show drives me nuts with all of these tension. Anyway, glad that some of my questions were answered. So Dong Chan didn’t kill Boon Sun, and Boon Sun wasn’t the killer who killed Saet Byul. He was the one who died in an accident. So…the important thing he wanted to tell Soo Hyun, was it possibly the information about he knows who is going to kill Saet Byul?

Putting that aside for a moment, we also find out why Dong Chan is no longer a detective, and that he and Woo Jin has an issue to settle.

Okay – back to story. There must be a reason why the ‘killer’ of Saet Byul appears so early – either there is more than just two killers, or this killer ain’t getting caught.

So this new ‘killer’ is the guy who hold the dog in the earlier episodes – but why Saet Byul? Is it really just because of revenge? There are a lot of people who hold grudges against Soo Hyun & her husband – and as we know, the murders are not done by one person.

And what secret is Soo Hyun’s husband hiding? He took away the ring and earrings – why? Does it belong to someone he knows? Could he be one of the killers – or part of this unknown crime organization who kills for revenge? This is a low possibility, but I don’t think it’s entirely impossible.

Whatever it is – or whoever the killer is, there is a whole lot of things we don’t know, and the leads don’t know either. We still have Mr. President to think about how he is related to all of these, and Dong Ho too.


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