POV DISCUSSION: God’s Gift 14 Days Episode 7 & 8


This drama has slowly moved the focus on the time-travel to solving the mystery behind Saet Byul’s real criminal. I do wonder at the end of this all – what will remain the same and what would have changed.

We discover new facts about our characters – and we understand why they act they way they do. But all of these, just gives us more questions than answers, and we’re going around in circles trying to find who exactly is behind Saet Byul’s death.

The only dissatisfaction I have about this drama is the President-story line. At first, it felt alright, but now it feels redundant. If all of these murders are some kind of political conspiracy, I expect more revelations on the politics side (rather than each meeting talking about the execution and how people are hating on Mr. President), because clearly every time they show us the president, I feel like I’m watching a different show.


So first of all – we thought that the creepy guy was the killer, but it turns out that he isn’t. Then we thought for a moment it’s Min Ah, but it’s not her either. Now the focus is on this motorcycle dude with a tattoo on his wrist. He visited the stationary shop, he send Saet Byul back home, and he met up with Min Ah.

Could Min Ah possibly hire a professional killer? But that would be too simple…but she clearly knows him, because he visited her place, and she closed the door on Saet Byul when she was trying to look at the man’s face.

We probably won’t know who the killer is till the near end – so I shall not bother yet.

Next – Soo Hyun finds out about her husband’s affair with Min Ah and she’s heartbroken. However, 80% of her focus is on Saet Byul at the moment.

Now, besides the affair, there is another secret Ji Hoon is hiding – what is it?! It probably had to do with all the murder cases he handled – and from the latest episode, we see a different side of Ji Hoon.

When Soo Hyun questioned him about an ex-convict, and whether he was actually innocent – Ji Hoon was angry and he changed into a complete different person. He’s always stating that humans should all have equal rights – but he changed and stated that the guy deserved to die, and he died an easy death and he shouldn’t have died that way. Even Soo Hyun is taken aback by Ji Hoon’s comments.

The third revelation – the girl who was ‘killed’ by Dong Ho is Dong Chan’s first love. That explains why Dong Chan holds a grudge against his brother and mother. However, did Dong Ho really killed his first love?

I doubt so – seeing how things are progressing. There must be a certain secret behind her death, and what Dong Chan saw. As the girl who died was Dong Chan’s first love, there is a possibility that Dong Chan wasn’t able to judge and think logically. He only believes what he saw – which is Dong Ho throwing her into the lake.

Sometimes, we get blinded and will only react emotionally, but won’t be able to see or judge a situation logically and realistically – that’s part of the reason why doctors aren’t allowed to do surgery on family members. I think the same goes for Dong Chan. He was too devastated over the fact of her death – that the only thing which crosses his mind was his brother dumping her into the lake.

Maybe his first love was dead before Dong Ha dump her? Maybe she committed suicide? Maybe the person who dump the body wasn’t Dong Ha?

Alright, moving on to the other characters – the grandfather Byeong Ho, who is he and why is he around Dong Chan? In the previous timeline, he died before interacting much with Dong Chan – but now he’s always around Dong Chan, and he knows a lot about him. Why? He even mentioned Dong Ho…WHY?!

And let’s not forget Rock Group Snake. I still have no idea how all of these are related, but they definitely are one way or another.

Now let’s think who may be the possible killers….

I don’t think the killer is someone we’ve never seen before – I have a certain feeling that the killer might be someone we know, and we know really well, but I just can’t figure out who it may be.

Saet Byul’s real Dad – Ji Hoon

Chances of this is low, because no matter how crooked you are, you won’t plan to kill your daughter right? He might be one of the main reasons why Saet Byul ended up dead – but he most probably won’t be the killer.

Min Ah & Tattoo Guy

There is a possibility – but surely, it won’t just be the work of the two of them…

 Rock Group Snake

Emmmmmmmmmmm……we need to see them first?

President/ Political side

Emmmmmmmmmmm……give us a hint or some clues?

Now…. do you think it could possibly be…..

Yeong Gyu

80% of me believe probably not because he doesn’t seem capable of such an act…but then again, dramas can always gives us a twist, and for all we know, he might not be as ‘dumb’ as we think he is – if it was him, it make sense why Saet Byul ran to the other side, because Saet Byul and him are close.

And surely his role in the drama cannot just be Dong Chan’s unfortunate nephew, right?

Hyun Woo Jin

Now, I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of Woo Jin being the killer, because if the killer is someone we already know, he is also one of the possible suspects. Sure, he’s a cop – but we’ve seen a lot of dramas where cops are really not simply cops.

He asked Soo Hyun out on the day Saet Byul was kidnapped – so if he was the killer, or the mastermind, it could have been a plot to separate Soo Hyun and Saet Byul. This seems a little far-fetch, doesn’t it? But I wouldn’t say it’s entirely impossible.

I mean – his role in the drama cannot just be simply Soo Hyun’s first love, and Dong Chan’s friend-cum-enemy. And if drama was planning to give us some sort of impact – they might have made him the killer. It would cause a big impact to Soo Hyun and Dong Chan, because to them he was once someone special.

Now, let’s put all of these speculations aside, and remember what happened before the time-jump.

Saet Byul died, and Ji Hoon moved out blaming Soo Hyun for leaving Saet Byul on her own. Days later, he received a mail with pictures, and he left a voicemail to Soo Hyun that he knows who the killer is.

Now, the question is…..are those pictures the pictures he already received (after time-jump)? If those pictures are the exact same pictures he received in the past, what this means is that the sequence of things changed from the time before Soo Hyun time-jump.

However, the thing is – back then he states that he knows who the killer is after looking at some pictures, but now even if he received the same pictures (we don’t know yet if it’s the same), he doesn’t believe Saet Byul will die.

Are you guys confused yet? AHAHAHA.

Alright – I’ll stop it here, and let’s just wait for more episodes to solve our curious minds.

But really……..do you guys really think Saet Byul will be alive at the end of all this? And who is the other one who needs to die in order for Saet Byul to live?

They keep trying to make us think that it’s either villain or Saet Byul, and one of them must disappear for the other to live…but why do I get this strong feeling that it’s not a villain? Maybe either Saet Byul/Ji Hoon, or Saet Byul/Dong Chan, or Saet Byul/Soo Hyun? I mean if it was a villain, obviously Saet Byul will be alive right?

They won’t make us watch a drama only to never catch the villain. There must be some sort of conflict – and that conflict could be the other person who has to disappear so that Saet Byul can live. And that other person might be someone we never want to disappear as well.

Okay, let’s just sit back and wait for the story to unfold~

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4 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: God’s Gift 14 Days Episode 7 & 8

  1. I love your thoughts and feelings about Gods’s Gift. WJ is fishy to me because he always seems to be around at the wrong time like when DC saw the first killer die and he only told SH but WJ somehow knew before anyone telling him. And the incident you talked about. Also he says sorry to YG but why? Could it be because he shot him and not DC? Arghhh I dunno I swear this drama will be the death of me! Thankk youu anyways I look forward to reading your articles more 😀

    1. I do find him fishy too – and I really think his role is more than just an ex-lover, and a cop. As for his apology towards YG…I think it’s because they couldn’t save Young Gyu’s real mom, who died because of the previous killer. But then again……he might be the biggest mastermind? AHAHAHAHA. We’ll have to wait and see and it’s driving me nuts with curiosity.

      1. I understand what you mean XP i dunno but like you said they couldn’t just use WJ as the ex-lover and cop i mean come on there must be some more backstory about him…could it be bad or good i dunno but i can’t wait to find out!

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