POV DISCUSSION: Three Days (First-Half Review)

Okay – so I finally started watching Three Days, despite wanting to watch it since it started airing. I’m up till Episode 11 at this point of writing, and I’m here to discuss about what I feel regarding the drama.

First of all – I wished that the drama told us exactly what we are getting, instead of the vague description which was to find the missing president and solve the mystery about his disappearance. I thought that the president will be missing for the whole 16 episodes, as they try to find him – but clearly that’s not the case.

The president returns in the early episodes, and basically, the drama is about solving a mystery about why the people around the president are dying, and what sort of conspiracy had occurred in the past, and currently in the present. Agent Han Tae Kyung works to discover the truth behind the conspiracy and to find out the reason behind his father’s death.


I found the first two episodes rather boring, and things started to pick up only from Episode 3. The drama has sort of a time-line plot, so some scenes will be “3 hours after snipping”, or “10 hours before snipping” – and I found it kind of redundant after the president appeared.

What is the use of the time-line when the president is no longer missing? They could just use normal flashback scenes, and there isn’t necessarily a need for a specific time to be given. Oh well~

Now, let’s talk about the plot and the characters. Spoiler ahead.

So basically, the president goes for a vacation – but ends up missing. Before he was classified as ‘missing’, there was a snipping incident, and people thought he was dead. However, apparently, they found out that the president left the vacation home before the snipping, and he’s missing.

So, there are two separate group of people who are looking for the president. One of them is the secret service agents, who work for the president -basically the good guys. And the other is those who are responsible for the planned assassination of the president.

Agent Han Tae Kyung is a secret service agent who find himself in trouble when he witness a high official death, who told him that the president will die. He got blamed for plotting the assassination – and he runs away to find the president and solve the missing pieces.

Yoon Bo Won is a country-side police officer, who saw Tae Kyung’s dad seconds before he died. The case got closed as a normal traffic accident, and she finds it suspicious. While trying to probe further, and find out what actually happened, she got entangled with Tae Kyung and find herself working with Tae Kyung to solve the mystery behind all of these deaths and conspiracy.

So basically, for the first few episodes – we’re chasing down on who is the spy within the team – and who planned the assassination. Tae Kyung is not accused of the assassination through-out the whole stretch of episodes. It’s an off and on kind of thing. He becomes a suspect every now and then.

Even though, I felt that the episodes picked up from episode 3 – I felt that the ‘blind chase’ in the first few episodes, was kind of … simple? The drama is straight-forward, so we all know who’s the bad guy around and who is suspicious. It’s so easy to know, thus made the drama a little too simple for us.

However, it’s not all that bad – I like Han Tae Kyung as a character, and President Lee. I would say, I’m probably watching this drama because the characters are interesting to watch, and obviously – it’s going to be a happy ending right…?

Han Tae Kyung’s character had to accept his father’s sudden death – a possibility of being murdered, and go against his own chief/mentor to do his job which was to protect the president. After losing people he cared for, he goes all out to uncover the conspiracy, and we can see the stark contrast between him and President Lee.

Both Han Tae Kyung & President Lee wants to reveal the truth to the people – but both of them are so different. Tae Kyung will do anything to find out what happened and to reveal the truth, where as, President Lee is someone who knows everything, but chooses not to do anything because he’s a president. He cannot kill, or do the same actions his ‘enemy’ is doing.

Their characters are not that complex – this whole drama is not complex at all, but I just care for the characters because they seem so sincere, and I just want them to have their own happy ending.

If you’re curious about the love-line – I would say…there isn’t much focus on the love-line, but I do enjoy whatever short interactions Tae Kyung and Officer Yoon has. I do hope they give us a little more on the love-line, please, pretty please?

So overall, I would say the drama is not bad, it’s simple and straight-forward and if you want something more complex and mysterious – this is not for you. If you think you have enough spare time, and would like to give it a go, you can try. It doesn’t hurt 🙂


I think Park Yoochun improved a lot in this drama – he had a lot of crying scenes and I thought he did really well. He portrayed the character Han Tae Kyung in a way – which made me connect to the character, which is such an improvement, because honestly, for all of his previous dramas – I can’t connect to him at all. I just couldn’t look pass his awkward acting, so I would say this role is the best he ever played so far. (To me, that is)

I’m a fan of Park Ha Sun, I find her easy on the eyes and even though some of characters she played before seems bland – I just like her. Yeah – it’s a fangirl crush.

The other actors are all awesome in their own way too 🙂

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