POV DISCUSSION: Beyond The Clouds (Overall Review)


Beyond The Clouds (Full Sun) has finished its run – and I’ve finished watching it too so I’m back with an overall review 🙂

Overall, I like the show. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. It was alright, there were some points which I really liked, but some parts could have been better. I feel a little bad that the drama didn’t do well ratings wise – but it’s not because it was a bad drama, it’s just that Empress Ki is the ratings killer for Mon-Tue slot.

Beyond The Clouds is a melodrama-romance, so it might not be your kind of thing – it’s not exactly mine either, but occasionally I don’t mind watching them because watching dramas from different genres is good.


The best thing about the drama is probably the characters. Not all of the characters, but only a few. Personally, I really liked Se Ro & Kang Jae. I hated Seo Jae In. And I’m indifferent to Han Tae Oh and Han Young Won.

As to why I’m indifferent to Han Tae Oh is probably because we’ve seen that character is so many other dramas, that there’s really nothing special or surprising anymore. The character itself is not unique enough to make me interested. (Unlike Chairman Kim in Three Days, which is a villain, but has his own uniqueness.)

As for Han Young Won, she’s the reason why Se Ro wavered and she’s nice throughout the whole drama – so there really isn’t anything much to say about her character. No, I don’t hate her character – I’m just indifferent. I feel bad though because her character went through a lot.

Se Ro’s character started out kind and simple, but when he changed his identity to Eun Su, he changed completely. He starts to waver each time he sees Young Won, and eventually becomes Se Ro again.

The best part of Se Ro’s character was his conflicting feelings about what he wanted to do and what he couldn’t do. He plotted revenge and was all out to make it happen, but his feelings for Young Won, made him re-think about revenge. In the end, all he wanted was an apology, which Han Tae Oh didn’t give right till the end.

Personally, I really liked Kang Jae’s character. His character was lonely – and amazing right till the end, even though he fought against Se Ro. I really feel sad that they killed him off – because  I really wanted him to live, even if he had to live aboard.

He followed Se Ro and helped with the revenge plan for two reasons, firstly is because he felt a little guilty over Se Ro’s dad’s death and secondly for money. However, Se Ro rash actions keep interfering with his plans, and eventually when Se Ro backs out, Kang Jae decides to go all out to make it big.

I don’t blame him – because I can understand his actions – though it’s not justified. His actions and decisions are all made to protect himself because he believes that having money and power equals to living.

The finale when he tells Se Ro about how he went to jail because of Se Ro’s dad was a big blow to Se Ro, at the same time, we learn something a little more what drive Kang Jae to have such extreme views about making money.

Basically, both Kang Jae and Se Ro were in a similar situation – but the actions they took are different.

I never blamed Kang Jae through out the whole series, because I really felt for his character.

As for Jae In, I really dislike her character. She wasn’t a useful friend at all, right till the end. As a friend, no matter what kind of crush you have on Se Ro, she should have accepted Se Ro’s decision and not interfere.

Her character was okay in the beginning, until Se Ro liked Young Won, and her character started being annoying to the point that I just don’t like her.

Brownie points for Hong, Hama & Han Young Joo. Hong and Hama were funny, and it’s just nice to see them interacting and helping Se Ro. I expected Young Joon to be evil, but he wasn’t and that was really a pleasant surprise.

Script wise – I find that the ending seems to be a bit rushed, or maybe the writer didn’t plan out the timeline properly. I don’t know, but the fact that Han Tae Oh was put behind bars so easily was just an insult to us who watched the drama for 16 episodes.

They killed off Kang Jae randomly – just because they probably didn’t know what to do with Chairman Shin’s grudge against him and Se Ro. Yeah. And to make his character feel a little better, they decide to make Jae In suddenly fall in love with him. Wow.

Besides, there were quite a few loopholes in the story itself. When Se Ro was trying to kill himself at the snow, his hand was bleeding – and we had no idea why. Han Tae Oh was so stubborn the whole series and decide to give in just because the prosecutor tells him they will investigate his daughter.

And the whole accused murder plot – They should have made an effort to show that Se Ro is cleared of his false charge and maybe get to have another shot at the job he wanted to do previously.

And it seems like everyone forgot about Jae In who witness the person who actually shot Woojin – can someone tell me the purpose of that itself?

And it seems like Young Won also forget about the humiliation she received about the fake diamonds in Thailand. Technically, because of Kang Jae and Se Ro’s dad, her diamonds were switched and she was humiliated. But it seems like no one remembers anything about that.

Nonetheless, it was a happy ending so I guess that’s alright. Overall, there were really plenty of flaws, but I find the drama alright as a whole. It’s really not as bad as some other revenge melo I’ve watched.

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