POV DISCUSSION: The Absurdity of Empress Ki

I have never been so disappointed in a Saguek this bad, especially so when it involves such awesome *actors (*by actors, I just mean everyone generally, include actresses). 

I don’t know how we all got into this mess, and I’m so frustrated watching Empress Ki right now. Where has all my love for this drama disappeared to? Probably the grave, along with El Temor. Empress Ki has been so absurd for the past few episodes, I don’t even know why I’m still watching this drama.

For a drama which started out being so awesome, I don’t even know what to make out of this drama right now. I hate Ta Hwan right now, I’m irritated with Seung Nyang, and I don’t even know the purpose of Wang Yu anymore. Someone, quickly end this drama for me.


Okay – so Maha has died. And CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS HIS PURPOSE IN THIS DRAMA?! If he was a plot device for Empress Dowager to plot against Seung Nyang, they could have used the fact that she was from Goryeo and just oppose her and her son like what they did. Technically, Maha wasn’t even needed in this whole mess. I believe Seung Nyang had enough reasons to vow revenge, even without the ‘death’ of Byul (Maha).

Right now, Ta Hwan is supporting Bayan and giving him so much power – and he’s having dreams of Seung Nyang killing him. This change of Ta Hwan is too sudden, and it’s just ridiculous. Basically, after being fooled by reading so-called letters of Seung Nyang and Wang Yu, he practically went nuts by himself.

His mistrust of Seung Nyang is making me so frustrated, I feel like pulling his hair and yanking him against the wall. If the writers wanted to make Ta Hwan grow apart from Seung Nyang – they could have used many other ways to do so, rather than just lame fake letters and dreams.

And bad-ass Seung Nyang now no longer appears in front of Ta Hwan. She’s only bad-ass and cool in front of everyone else, but in front of Ta Hwan, she’s no longer the bad-ass Seung Nyang. I wished she shouted at Ta Hwan for not trusting her, and for sarcastically talking to her at times. But she just takes it in, and yeah, I’m flipping tables at both of them.

And don’t even mention Wang Yu. He’s been made a fool out of the writers, seriously. Giving his throne, and taking it back, then trying to kill him – I don’t even know why he’s in the drama anymore.

Now, I just wished that El Temor never died, Empress Tanashiri was still alive, and I would gladly just watch them fight each other, rather than this big mess I’m watching right now.

This drama doesn’t even deserve to be called from having the inspiration from the real Empress Gi. It has moved away from actual history and it’s just so absurd, I can’t even talk about it any more without pouring out my endless complains.

And this drama being the ratings winner for the drama-timeslot, is such a disappointment, because clearly the other dramas airing at the same timeslot is much better.

And can we just remind ourselves that this drama won awards at the MBC Drama Awards for 2013, when the drama barely started airing? Yeah – I wish they could take back those awards given. This drama doesn’t deserve them.

I feel bad for the actors though – even when the dramas are so absurd, they have to keep acting and doing their best. Oh wells.

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9 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: The Absurdity of Empress Ki

  1. From what I know, in the beginning, Empress Ki was supposed to have 30 episode, but after gaining such ratings they decided to make it a 50 episodes drama, so this may be a reason why it become such a mess, after all they have to fill 20 episodes that weren’t planned from the very start.

    1. OMG 30 ONLY??? 51 EPS IS ALREADY TOO QUICK FOR ME TO ABSORB THE WHOLE STORY BUT 30!? THATS INSANE!!! I wish they had made it longer and better. Plus a happier ending would be a lot nicer.

  2. I believe the drama was supposed to be 60 episodes and people complained about the history distortion so it was moved down to 50 episodes then with the missing day for the Olympics they added 1 episode so its a total of 51.

    I think the actors still deserve the acting awards, most people are still staying because of the actors and their portrayal, but the be best writer award needs to be taken back. I heard the first evil impress and her family was suppose to be gone by the 30th episode but because of popularity they were extended.

    I put this down to crazy production company forcing the writers to rewrite their script constantly.

    The other shows in the same time slot was less crazy but also less addictive and I’m very sure everyone who was following God’s Gift is royally pissed off right now because of the ending.

    1. Yup – the actors can keep the awards. After all, they all acted well. But yeah – the writer shouldn’t have gotten that award, oh wells, but still awards are given out based on popularity there, so even if the awards were given out this year, i still think they all would get those awards again. AHAHAHA.

      And yeah….don’t remind me about that ending. *goes off to a corner to cry*

  3. About Maha, in my opinion, he’s prove Seung Nyang and Wang Yu love, moreover, he’s a link between them. Of course, that secret is a threat with Seung Nyang and the Ta Hwan tried his best to protect her, include become a murder killing anyone who knows the secret.
    Even more, this character let us know Ta Hwan’s endless love for Seunng Nyang.

    However, I was dissappoited at the end of this drama.
    Maha’s secret should have be a strong secret weapon of who wants to kill Seung Nyang.
    Wang Yu should have a meaning death, not like that.

    The guys I love the most is Seung Nyang’s teacher (I don’t know his name exactly). He’s so handsome, intelligent, strong and loyal. His death is the baddest thing to me.

    About the new Empress, I was excited with her crual thoughts. But she’s not as well as Empress Tanashiri, this was dissapoited me again.

    1. The emperor is just a hateful murderer. He always wanted to kill wang yu because seung nyang loves him. Maha’s secret is just the perfect excuse. Plus he treated seung nyang badly after a few years into their marriage and just keeps hurting her afterwards. I would rather have seung nyang be alone than getting hurt at the very end by this idiot of an emperor.

  4. The movie is interesting but something that i would not expect to happen,happened …,the thimg is that maha is nt suppose to die since the emperor is still going to kill wang yu.,,maha is suppose to be the crown prince in koryo…..the emperor is supposed to leave wang yu alone…cuz killing him wud nt let nyang luv him.,.

  5. I’ve always loved the actress of the Seung Nyang character, but her part in this film left me breathless with disgust. But it’s really the directors that deserve flaying. What’s the object of the whole project? That a woman’s noble principles will succumb to absurd love for the murderer of her dearest relations? Her father, son, love of her life?
    Please remake this mess into a real drama!

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